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Deuce Traveler's Sewer Rats

Deuce Traveler

Needles tries to gradual descend into the flooded final pipe, but as he gets close he loses his grip on his rope as it touched the slime-covered walls in places. He lands with a splash in the cold waters and tries to grip unto the rope before the frigid, filthy rush of water can carry him away, but although he briefly touches the rope, he can't keep his grip. He is swept along the current into darkness, holding his breath as he is carried away.

OOC: Make a Constitution 12 Check to see if you can hold your breath long enough to find air.

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Gunzuul, Hardnose and DT
[sblock]Fergus whispers back to the goblin. "So what is in the box? The highest bidder gets it or what. And how did you fella's get roped into this?"[/sblock]

Deuce Traveler

Gunzuul, Hardnose, and Fergus
"Oh the usual. We never get caught by the guards since they rarely hit our part of the city. I got put in after trying to burglarize Mrs. Fetid's house. Slightly bumped her porcelain cabinet on the way out, but that was enough to knock a few pieces over and cause a racket enough that I got caught. She's stronger than she looks. My mate over there got caught by the man himself; he was throwing lit torches at passing carts from a roof when Mr. Sabatini had one of his cronies climb up to the roof and tie him up. As for the box, it seems that there's a new creature found recently in the sewers that Mr. Sabatini wants to breed. So he's trying to collect the money from this auction in order to do it. Has to keep it really quiet-like, since the Thieves' Guild and their mates with the merchants aren't too keen on the project. Oh heck, I'm next it seems."

The music changes starts over once more. The goblin that strut up and down the stage before had only impressed the ladies enough to earn a silver piece and some coppers. It was a lackluster performance and you can feel Mr. Sabatini's frown somewhere in the darkness. The goblin who just finished speaking goes up to dance, but he is also trying to downplay the performance, though it is evident that he is trying just a little harder than the last goblin in order to avoid looking too bad.

Fangor the Fierce

First Post
Needles can only see blurry images as the water takes him along for a wild ride. He gasps for a breath of air right before going under, hoping it will be enough to keep him conscious enough to find air...

Unfortunately, he swallows a mouthful of water, the taste bitter and horrid, as it reminds him of a dare that once went bad. His mind loses focus and he drifts away into blackness.... EPIC FAIL!!!

Deuce Traveler

OOC: Understood, Boddynock. Thanks for playing.

IC: Needles loses consciousness as he can't hold his breath and sucks in a lot of sewer water. In his dreams he feels himself floating and hears a voice say, "He's a heavy one with all that water soaked into him and his clothes. Drop him here and let's see if he's breathing."

Deuce Traveler

The rest of the goblin and kobold delinquents go up to the stage as you watch, but none of them put much effort into entertaining the ladies. Disinterested chatter begins to pick up, easily being heard during the softer ebbs of the music being played. It doesn't look like this event is going to pick up much money for the charity after all. The music eventually changes as the singer's voice gets hoarse from its work and a oddly upbeat singerless lament is played somewhere in the darkness. Eyes are now on you. The only ones left on stage.


It's now your turn. Post your actions. Will you do what the previous goblins and kobolds did; try hard enough not to anger the crowd but not hard enough to stand out? Or will you decide to go all out in entertaining the crowd? If you decide to entertain the old ladies in their funny hats in the charity event, then pick an attribute, explain how you will use it and the music to entertain the ladies while on stage, and make your attribute DC Check.

Needles and his precious equipment are fine, but will be unavailable for the next few hours.


First Post
Hardnose always tries to perform to the best of his abilities. So despite the goblin's warning he goes all out to impress. His problem is deciding what to do. He is a fighter but that won't carry much weigh here. Finally he decides to put on an acrobatic demonstration, where he will do a series of handsprings. Unfortunately, the result was mediocre at best and although he didn't actually land on his back. The result was not that impressive.
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