D&D 5E Dhampyr Shadow Magic Sorcerer

does anyone else thing a Dhampyr Shadow Magic Sorcerer would be cool, like a Sorcerer whose learned to tap into their Dhampyrhood for magical power beyond the usual Dhampyr abilities.

Darkness and the ability to see extremely well in Darkness including your own darkness, the Polymorph spell to assume bat or wolf form, Shadow Blade if you decide to kick are in melee, etc...,

Any thematic suggestions for such a build?

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Heretic of The Seventh Circle
Whatever you might think of Dracula Untold, it's a good source of inspiration for this idea.

I really wish that movie had made Dracula scary, rather than cool like a superhero. Heck, Snyder's Batman evokes a creature of darkness that you can't escape from better.

But the stuff he does is very in line with the concept you're talking about.

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