WotBS Dianoem usage throughout the campaign (4e version)


I'm prepping for adventure 4 of the campaign, and in the first chapter the players find out more about the Dianoem from Dougan. The players like Dougan, and are interested in the Dianoem, but we've had some issues with animal cruelty in the past. One of the players (and her character) is heavily against anything relating to the capture or imprisonment of animals. For this reason, I'm thinking of just skipping the Dianoem section with the Monkeys/Apes in the zoo, but I'm not sure how involved the Dianoem is for the rest of the campaign.

Is it just a cool concept that might show up from time to time? I know its used with one of the Dassen mages and a sphinx at some point in Adv4, but I don't own past Adv5 yet and don't know how important the Dianoem would become.

I'd love to know vaguely what important features it has, and whether I could substitute the zoo section for a simple explanation part. Perhaps Dougan can showcase the Dianoem's abilities on the ranger's pet, without harming it?

Basically, how important is the Dianoem to the story, and what features of it should the players know about it by the end of Adventure 4.