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D&D 5E Did March of the Machine wreck D&D settings of Theros, Ravnica, and Strixhaven? Spoiler Alert.

Like all three of these settings are now in extreme choas and largely wrecked, some more then others?

Ravnica was roughed up, but doesn't seem that badly changed, Strixhaven loses like 95% of its professors, only two surviving.

Theros seems the worse because it was a primary target of Norn's, but also it was the most confusing part of the story and it seemed designed to completely humiiate the Gods of Theros. Theros now has Angels btw, who worship the Serra, not the Gods of Theros, the ones that survived, we don't know how many did. Heliod seemed to die, but what that means in practice on Theros I don't know.

Honestly Theros was the messiest part of the Story.

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Free Bonus, it feels like Zhalfir has been set up to be the next D&D MtG crossover setting, West African in primary them (very Wakanda vibes), but it draws from both Mirrodin & Dominaria, possibly others as well, but is much smaller in scale then either, making it easier to do then either of those planes, and has a goid diversity of races.


I don't think this really affects the DnD settings since they already ignored some of the story. War of the Spark I believe was in full swing at the time but Ravnica was set before it, I don't think it was ever mentioned.

I think Zhalfir is part of Dominaria, wasn't that the part that Teferi caused to phase out of reality?

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