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D&D 5E (MtG) March of the Machine: Aftermath (Spoilers)

This effects 5e D&D MtG crossover settings in Theros, Arcivios, and Ravnica (although the D&D versions of these settings appear to take place in the D&D multiverse, folks might still find it interesting).

So the cards from the set got spoiled early thanks to a screw up by WotC (who later sent jack booted thugs to intimidate the guy into taking his video down, and made his wife cry even though he did nothing wrong) and stole his cards (and he did nothing illegal to get them, it WotC that screwed up).

There is an Enchantment called Deification that makes a single subtype of Planeswalker, like Elspeth, Calix, Elminster, or Nahiri, alot harder to kill by giving Planeswalker cards of that subtype Hexproof and combat damage to would reduce the card to 0 or less loyalty, instead reduce them to 1 Loyalty if you have a creature.

Lore wise its a picture of huge statue of Elspeth being worshipped on Theros, so clearly she got deified.

Ten Planeswalkers got desparked, an event called Spark Rapture represented on a card that turns all Planeswalkers into creatures (but in lore not all Planeswalkers are effected).

Calix & Nahiri my favourite MtG Planeswalkers (not counting D&D crossover or Universes Beyond Planeswalkers) got desparked, along with Obi, Sarkhan, Nissa, Koira, Tyvar, Narset, Karn, Samut.

A card called Open the Way shows a portal being opened between Planes.

Other cards are things indictating general rebuilding.

Two of the Compleated Professors of Strixhaven were shown uncompleated as well.

March of the Machine: The Aftermath Leaks Visual Spoiler - MtG Spoiler

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