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Is it possible? Right now, on my screen, 1/2 of the front page is taken up by the navigation elements, and the other half is taken up by two huge ads. I can't see the news at all without enabling AdThwart or scrolling down (which I'm highly unlikely to do).

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I have to admit that I'm much less likely to actually read the news now that those two huge ads are there. I used to just glance at it, and if there was anything interesting I'd scroll down. Now there's nothing visible there to peak my interest before I click through to the forums.

I know how much ad revenue means to EN World, so I probably won't change my bookmarked page, but other people might not see it that way and may decide to change their bookmarks to jump straight to the forums.


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They'll be gone soon - moved back down to the bottom where they were. I need to measure something, so they'll be there for 7 days (well, two more days now, actually). It's not a permanent thing - so please be patient and put up with it for another couple of days! :)


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Can I ask what the experiment was? Were you seeing if those ads got a different number of views whether they were at the top or the bottom?

I'm just curious. :p

By the way, for the record I was not complaining about the ad placement, just giving what I hoped was constructive criticism.

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