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WOIN Disarmored

Howdy. So, disarmored is listed as as a fire/heat condition on page 151. I can assume it's similar to disarmed. But it's not actually listed anywhere that I've found. A search of the PDF actually only has it pop up the one time. Is this meant to be a valid condition? Or is it a typo or holdover from a previous edition, and should be disarmed?

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Just a tourist passing your way...
1st step: half armor SOAK
2nd step: no armor SOAK

I just cannot imagine how to remove that within one action :ROFLMAO:


I'd play it less disarmored completely (i.e., you have no armor at all), and more that my enemy found or is exploiting a weak point or such. Or a strap failure like Morrus suggested. The shake off represents more getting your good side to the enemy, and less redressing in full plate mail in a single action. ;)


Just a tourist passing your way...
I didn't assume donning a plate, I just remember the book explains that effect as "cutting strips out of the armor" or something like that - in my head it's like "I broke your armor!" - "haha, I rolled a 6 dukt-taping it!"

The conditions are a part of WOIN I half enjoy - and dont think about the other half because it's always hard to rule things smooth AND realistic

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