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Balance is a designer-created solution for a designer-created problem.

It's a bit like praising Exxon for its efforts and all the money it spent helping to clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill.
Okay, I stopped reading there. You are now officially preposterous. Good day.

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Many Fate flavors are "everyone has the same number of skills, and the same number of each level..."
The use of the Pyramid ...
+5 ×1, +4 ×2, +3 ×3, +2 ×4, +1 ×5...
"advancement" in many of these is simply swap a skill at +X with a skill at +(X+1)
EG freido has Sword +3 and Blaster +2, and hits a milestone, so deciding he needs more blaster, he swaps them and now is Sword +2 and Blaster +3. He also later swaps his +1 pilot (and awarness 0) for Awareness +1 and Pilot 0.
It's not the same kind of balance, but it's a tyrannical one - not all skills are equally valuable in play, but are equal in Allowed Skill Levels. Picking wisely can be a big issue.
You're laying your thumb quite heavily on the scale there, mate.

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Call me naive, but what's with all these flamewars about game systems? I'm too cheap to play Warhammer, so what? Plenty of people like it and I appreciate the creative outlet of painting the minis. I think 4E is trying too hard to be World of Warcraft--maybe some other people like it, let them enjoy it. I think 5E's death saves make it a little too Disney--maybe when my current campaign is done I'll find a DCC group. If I don't like coffee ice cream I don't start a holy war against it...

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