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Discworld - Best system?


ENnies winner and NOT Scrappy Doo
As of this afternoon, I have chosen the new best system for Discworld.

Warhammer Fantasy Role Play 2nd edition.


Just have to remove a few careers from the starting career list, add a few advanced ones... and do a slight rebuild of the magic system.

But only a slight rebuild.

I am -so- psyched and am now prepping to run it.

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Ok, loving the 15 years later necro. I just recently skimmed those rules (was it in the BLM itch.io bundle?) and have to say they felt solid. Not sure if I have the players who would want to play...
Nope, wasn't in the BLM bundle since they didn't accept free titles. But I did send it in.

Thanks, @darjr for recommending Risus, I just downloaded it and it seems like a really nice generic system!

Level Up!

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