Pathfinder 1E Disintegrating the floor and walls - unattended object or not?


I play a Psion with Disintegrate.

I want to create a pit under an enemy in melee. I target the floor under him. Is the floor considered attended because someone is standing on it, thus getting to use his fortitude save, or does the enemy actively have to wield an object for it to get a save?

Example two: I want to disintegrate a door/wall piece that someone is leaning against on the other side. Save or not?

If I were to GM it, I'd say the floor doesn't get saves, but I'd give the enemy a Reflex save to avoid falling into the pit as the floor vanishes underneath.
As for the second situation, I'd let the door/wall get a save if someone was actively pushing at the door to keep it closed, thus attending it.

Thoughts and/or official rules to this?
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Walls and floor don't get a save. They are not considered to be in anyone's possession or attendance. Same with doors - although I would probably allow the door to make a save as well.

With a pit so created, you'd get the same reflex save as for the spell "create pit."

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