Disney's disastrous year

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Lost $500 million in Novermeber alone.

Failed movie after failed movie, with a couple of exceptions.

The main stream media after years of kissing up to Disney is now trashing them.

Bob Igor basically blaming everyone from Bob "CEO for 5 minutes" Chapek, to Nia DeCosta, to Corona, etc...

Disney's boycott of X is starting to backfire, as Elon fans are starting to boycott Disney+ and Paramount+ in retaliation.

Peltz's proxy war.

Dr. Who special failed.

Bad viewership for shows on Disney+.

They are going to have to put out billions more for Hulu.

They had to radical cut back on their planned release schedule.

Interest on their loans rising.

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He'll flip ya...Flip ya for real...
Disney's boycott of X is starting to backfire, as Elon fans are starting to boycott Disney+ and Paramount+ in retaliation.
Nice slipping this BS in there.
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Elon fans
Being a fan of a POS billionaire is pathetic. And incels have been trying (and failing) to boycott Marvel/Disney at least since Captain Marvel came out. I highly doubt that a few thousand bootlicking losers on Twitter whining will be responsible for any change at Disney.

Yes, recent Disney movies and shows seem to have lost a lot of money. Yes, they will probably have to change direction in the future. Muskrats won't have anything to do with that.


Dr. Who special failed.
Cite, please. Nobody, including you, knows what the Disney+ viewing figures for the single episode of the show that has been released so far, so I'm calling BS on that. Everywhere is reporting it did the best viewing figure for the show in years over in the UK and the highest-viewed non-reality debut there for the whole of 2023, and that's just the day-of-release viewers.

Maybe it will fail, but there's no possible way you or anybody else knows that right now. Of course, if you lean a certain way and usually view a certain type of clickbaity YouTuber, you'll probably find yourself in that nasty little echo chamber of people who are super angry about the inclusion of a certain character on idealogical grounds and might be led to think that's what everybody thinks. It's not.

So yeah, calling nonsense on this one. Which makes me doubt the credibility of the rest of your list.

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