Disposition of Retired PCs


I think that NPCs should be adjustable to the adventure in question, but it does help to have a basic class/archetype to them. I intended Cicci Boraga to be a Free Hand Fighter, for example.
So long as giving them a class/archetype isn't a requirement, I don't think it hurts anything to add that info to the basic entry, especially if a particular combo helped inspire the fluff on the character. Actually, I think there's a spot in the template for it, though I don't think I've used it previously.


Well, we can hardly have this discussion without mentioning Ariel now can we. As of yet, no one has.

Open/Closed NPC: YES
Open/Closed Backgrounds: YES
I agree YEA and YEA. BTW, I will not be granting permission to use Ariel to any other GMs, at least not without significant arm twisting for a special case. :p

Ariel has already gone on two adventures since retiring here is the precedent I set:
1. She takes full share of XP/GP rewards. Already discussed and no need to open up again.
2. I never applied the rewards to her sheet. No need.
3. She has been a GM tool for party balance, not a way for me to circumvent retirement or exceed 3 characters.

Now, I returned her to the DWI to allow for continued RP with those already there. Since I am well acquainted with her persona, pretty easy for me to slip into her character and interact with people waiting. More enjoyable than trying to play Grog who is busy working.

Given the shortage of healers, she might be needed on the next adventure I GM. I am not planning that to happen, prefer she doesn't go actually. I did retire her for a reason, and it is more work for me to have an active NPC on an adventure.

Since she is an NPC (and a GM Tool) I might have to level her up or down to match the PCs that use her services. More than likely it would be leveling her up as rolling her back more than one level would not make any IC sense. Besides, she probably should be 6th now anyway after her last two adventures. Whatever I do to her, it will not be costing me DMC. She is an NPC not a PC.

Bottom Line; I see retired Ariel as pretty much my GM property. Same way I see Pari as Mowgli's GM property. If other players want to offer up their retirees for general use, that is there decision.