Spelljammer Distance comparsion from Dirtling system against realmspace


Rotten DM
Some dialoge and ideas for an upcoming session.

Later in the day, Tarto drills the cadets on space maps and distance.

Bosun Tarto, “Is the Planet Dirt sometimes call Earth, closer to sun than Coliar? Coliar is 100 Million miles from the sun. Earth is 93 million miles.

Mars is 142 Million miles from the Sun Toril is 200 Million miles.

Earth’s Asteroid belt is 230 million miles from the Sun. Karpri is 300 Million Miles from the Sun.

Chandos is 400 million miles from the sun. Jupiter is 487 million miles from the Sun.

Saturn is 889 million miles from the sun. Glyth is 1,000 million miles or 1 Billion American miles.

Garden is 1,200 million miles or 1.2 billion miles from the sun. H’Catha is 1,600 million miles or 1.6 billion miles away from the sun. Or 2.3 Light hours. Uranus and while in the gawds names would the dirtlings name a planet a naughty name only the gawds know. Uranus is 1,790 million miles or 1.79 billion miles. Be aware our Sun and the earthlings sun have different properties. In fact, no one can fly on the Planet Dirt. I mean Earth.

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