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DM's Familiar: New Version, Rules Database!


DM's Familiar
A new version of DM's Familiar is available at www.paladinpgm.com/dmf. The version features:

A new Rules Database! The Rules Database allows you to enter all of those pesky rules that you can never quite remember (Grappling, Turning, Bullrush, Lightsources, Invisibility, Encounter Spotting Distances, etc.) so that you can instantly reference them in-game. You're players will think you're a rules god!

Combat Board Attacks: The Combat Board now remembers what weapon a creature last attacked with and will make that the default on the creature's next action.

Combat Board Status: You can now enter a customizable list of creature statuses (Paralyzed, Blind, Held, etc.) and enter them into the Combat Board quickly with just a couple mouse clicks.

and other assorted goodies.
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First Post
This may be what I have been waiting for!! Some way of indexing a lot of rules for easy use! I can't wait to play with this feature. I might just start using DMF at the table...


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