DMs Guild January: New Beginnings

A new year and it is time for new campaigns and challenges for your players. The DM Guild is full of new ideas, creators, as well as creations, and shows no sign of slowing down. We are also changing up the format a bit for 2019 to improve the coverage of the DM Guild for players, game masters, and content creators.

[h=3]From the Guild Adepts![/h]Late last November the DM’s Guild Adepts put out a series of adventures set in Eberron as part of the Embers of the Last War series. There are a total of 12 adventures as part of the series, starting with DDAL-EEW00 What’s Past is Prologue by Alan Patrick and ends with DDAL-EEW11 Secrets Below by M.T. Black. All of these adventures are legal for the Adventurer’s League and provide a path for characters to reach level 10. So there is more than enough content here to get a feeling for Eberron in 5th Edition D&D.

[h=3]Current Top 5 Most Popular DM Guild Titles[/h]
  1. Tome of the Pact - Alex Clippinger
  2. Adaptable NPCs - Trevor Armstrong
  3. The Greasemonkey’s Handbook: Rules for Piloting Magitech, Steampunk, and Sci Fi Mechs in D&D 5th Edition - Vall Syrene / Mogman Dubloon
  4. Villains & Lairs - Various
  5. Halaster’s Hoard - RP Davis, Christopher Walz, Jeremy Schulz - Arnold, Luke Monroe, Elise Cretel
[h=3]Down The Hole! - Dave Mlodinoff[/h]Speaking of starting new, Down the Hole! By Dave Mlodinoff is an adventure for 1st - 2nd level characters. The adventure is billed as a dungeon-crawl designed to introduce new players and DM’s to this kind of play, with a satirical thread running through it. One of the first things I noticed about this adventure is the great art and production values. The art has a very AD&D 2nd edition feel in my opinion, which is a nice touch. There is a mix of b&w & color pieces, as well as a blue motiff for the sidebars. Handouts round out the excellent production of Down the Hole!

Set in the city of Waterdeep, the adventure takes advantage of some Forgotten Realms touchstones to give the characters a sense of place. At the same time, it introduces the Orcs! Orcs! Orcs! Tavern, complete with a cocktail menu for players to peruse (and perhaps try for themselves during the game). Down the Hole! is a tight and short dungeon-crawl as advertised with plenty of atmosphere to make the adventure fun. There is a focus on helping a new DM navigate the adventure and the appendices take up a number of pages. It prepares the DM for running the adventure and make it smooth for the party.

It is noted that a party of four characters should be able to manage the adventure and after reading it over, I would agree. Six characters will feel be quite comfortable running through this adventure and it should be a great deal of fun for everyone. If you are interested in learning more about the Portland, Oregon based collective that helped give birth to Down the Hole!, you can check them out at I definitely recommend picking up this adventure especially if you are a new group.

We continue to strive to make the DM’s Guild Roundup better and more interesting! If you have suggestions or a Guild product you want us to take a look at, contact us here at EN World!. That is it for this month, see you in February!

This article was contributed by Sean Hillman (SMHWorlds) as part of EN World's Columnist (ENWC) program. If you enjoy the daily news and articles from EN World, please consider contributing to our Patreon!

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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

Last night I tried to going to the DMs Guild website and it said they were down for maintenance. Today when I tried again I got this message when I tried to go to the site again? Anyone else having trouble with this? I generally use Chrome for browsing so I tried Internet Explorer and had the same issue.

Your connection is not private

[FONT=&amp]Attackers might be trying to steal your information from (for example, passwords, messages, or credit cards). Learn more[/FONT]
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Doctor Futurity

They're doing a server migration which per Facebook postings sounds like they expected it to take a short amount of time yesterday, but something has obviously taken a left turn as it is now stretching out in to more than a day.


First Post
Same here...

On top of Down the older version of Dungeon of the Mad Mage?
Says it is in Waterdeep....and you go from a tavern down a hole....

Dr. Bull

Yup... It's 6:25 pacific time and the DM's Guild is still down (same with rpgnow and drivethrurpg, of course). I hope it's not a big problem...


Like the format. Too bad DM Guild is still down as of 9:30 eastern time, was looking forward to checking some of those out!


Like the format. Too bad DM Guild is still down as of 9:30 eastern time, was looking forward to checking some of those out!

Glad you like it! I think this is actually more informative for the readers than the previous format I had and exposes more products.

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