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Sean Hillman



Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

DMs Guild Roundup: December/January
  • 2
As we close out 2020, we wanted to offer up some last bits available for you on the DM’s Guild. In the coming year we will try and delve deeper into DM Guild offerings in more detail, with...
A Look at the Jonstown Compendium
  • 13
Following in the wake of their Miskatonic Repository team up, DriveThruRPG-OBS and Chaosium have created the Jonstown Compendium for their Glorantha properties. Here, players and game masters can...
DM's Guild Extra: Community Reviews
  • 10
Thanks to a great response from the community, we can bring you some more reviews from the DM’s Guild. Today we have three smaller offerings. One of these is an enhancement for your campaign...
Samurai Androids: A Fun Minimalist RPG
  • 0
We at EN World love our indie RPG crowd and the wide range of interesting games produced with resources far more limited than a major company can access. Supporting the indie crowd is as important...
DMs Guild Roundup: March/April
  • 1
Coming at you like an April Shower to wash away the blues (or green pollen), we have the latest DM’s Guild Roundup! As always we like to showcase items and do reviews of DM’s Guild products that...
Twelve (More or Less) Questions for Slap Dash Studios
  • 0
We are talking with Zach Barcus and Law Johnson of Slap Dash Studios to talk about their actual play podcast, The League of Ultimate Questing as well as some other projects. Zach and Law were kind...
Lex Arcana: An Empire Without End Review
  • 6
A couple years ago we spoke to the folks at Quality Games in two interviews (here and here) about the re-launch / 2nd edition of Italy’s most successful RPG: Lex Arcana. The kickstarter for Lex...
DM Guild Treasures: 5 BECMI Modules That Deserve the Big Book Treatment
  • 78
There are a number of players, old and new, who have affection for the original Basic and Expert (and more) B/X or BECMI rules and modules. Already, Goodman Games has given both Keep on the...
DMs Guild Roundup: January/February
  • 11
Welcome to the DM Guild Roundup - End of Year / New Year Edition! We have some gems for your treasure boxes today that we think you will get some play out of. Was the holiday season good? Did you...
Mists of Akuma: Imperial Matchmaker Review
  • 13
Welcome back to the Mists of Akuma, an Asian mythology inspired world created by Mike Myler. Mike has written a sandbox mega-adventure that will take players from 3rd level to 12th level. We take...
Tenarlian: The Longest Night - A Holiday Review
  • 0
If you are looking for darker holiday fare, Crumbling Keep Productions has put together the adventure you seek. Take a step in from the cold, friend, and let us speak of Tenarlian: The Longest Night.
DMs Guild Roundup: November 2019
  • 0
Welcome to our latest DM Guild Roundup! This is the penultimate edition for 2019; next month will be our year end and holiday special. This month the Guild has changed how things work just a bit...
DMs Guild Roundup
  • 0
Welcome back to our DM Guild Roundup! October is always the best time to delve into horror and the scary side of the role-playing game. With Halloween around the corner and the barriers between...
Journeying to Hell & Back Again: A Review
  • 0
There are many avenues to get oneself into role-playing games, but one such avenue that is making a come-back is the Solo adventure. Donathin Frye & Keanna Shaw have delivered a splendid example...
Dare You Face the Demonplague? A Review
  • 8
Have you been missing a level 1-20 epic adventure in your 5E gaming? Well James Introcaso and Johnn Four deliver an experience that is well beyond the typical in The Demonplague. SPOILER SPACE...
DMs Guild Roundup: Encounters in Avernus and More
  • 9
Welcome back to our DMs Guild Roundup! It is almost the holiday season and that means content creators will be putting out Halloween and Christmas adjacent content. If you are one of these...
Con Report: JordanCon from an Insider
  • 3
Every April I shed my freelancer disguise for the clothes of a Track Director at what is one of Atlanta’s best conventions, JordanCon. To be honest it's the same black tee shirt and jeans, I just...
Explore Magic and Socio-Political Tension in the Entromancy RPG
  • 2
The Entromancy RPG is a Cyberpunk-Fantasy hybrid from designer M.S. Farzan. It is built on a 5E structure, but with additions to the system and the occasional nod to the D20 days. The design team...

Ashley Warren, Uncaged: An Interview

  • 4
Uncaged Volume I sprang onto the scene in early March of 2019 and quickly became one of the best selling products on the DMs Guild. We caught up with Ashley Warren, who sparked a small fire that turned into a conflagration of creativity, and asked her a few questions about Uncaged and how it has grown.
Ivan Van Norman Discusses the Future of Altered Carbon
  • 4
Altered Carbon is both an award winning novel and a popular Netflix original series. With several notable IPs being grabbed up by RPG designers, it was only a matter of time before someone took the step to snag the rights to Altered Carbon. Ivan Van Norman of Hunters Entertainment took some time to chat with EN World about some details of the Altered Carbon RPG.



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