D&D General DMs Guild Roundup: Encounters in Avernus and More

Welcome back to our DMs Guild Roundup! It is almost the holiday season and that means content creators will be putting out Halloween and Christmas adjacent content. If you are one of these creators OR you know one, have them get in contact with us to be included in the DM Guild Roundup or a review of their own!


From the Guild Adepts!

I want to catch folks up on what is available from the Guild Adepts! There are a number of interesting titles available covering some of the recent big adventure releases.

Top 5 Most Popular DM Guild Products (Currently)

What are your fellow gamers purchasing from the DM Guild? Here are the top 5 current best sellers.
  1. Balduran’s Guide to Kingdom Building by Adam Hancock
  2. Happy Jack’s Funhouse by Jeff C. Stevens; Remley Farr
  3. Taverns, Inns, & Taprooms by DropTheDie; DM_LSP; ehloanna
  4. Monsters of the Old World by Various Authors
  5. Grazilaxx’s Guide to Ancestry by Realmswarp Media


Hey This Looks Neat…

These are a few selections from the DM’s Guild that I thought looked neat. I took these from the list of new products and my impression is based on their blurbs.

Pestilence Domain - Cleric Subclass
  • By: Hatchville Games
  • This product appears to concentrate on the Pestilence Domain and the blurb talks about some of the gods, good and neutral and evil, who might have cause to offer the domain. Adding this to a campaign could be a great addition.
Yargon’s Creature Catalogue
  • By: Walter Srebalus
  • This is a collection of new and variant creatures for a DM to put into their campaign. It has several flavors of skeleton and zombie, which are always welcome.
9 Playable Plant Races
  • By: Zehus
  • Lately a fellow player in an online campaign has been playing a succession of trees. When I saw this particular product, I was immediately intrigued. We are Treebeard!
Keep a lookout for our holiday update! If you are a DM Guild creator with a product, contact us and let us know!

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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman


Thanks for this report. Lots of interesting supplements.

I also think Hellbound Heists looks interesting as an add on to Descent (or at least related). What I find interesting is that it takes you through all nine layers of Hell and levels you up to 20 (not a lot of adventures out there do that). I haven't picked up myself, but it does look interesting.


This is an excellent pdf, better than the other settlement building supplements out there.

Yeah, I don't know when I'll find time to really dig into it, but it looks amazing. As a fan of old school play, seeing some of the stuff in Acquisitions Inc and then this release really scratches an itch that unfortunately I don't get to see in play all that much.

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