DMs Guild Roundup: December/January

As we close out 2020, we wanted to offer up some last bits available for you on the DM’s Guild...

As we close out 2020, we wanted to offer up some last bits available for you on the DM’s Guild. In the coming year we will try and delve deeper into DM Guild offerings in more detail, with roundups and quick reviews and extras. As always if you have a product you would like reviewed, let us know. We have a bit of a backlog, but I promise we will get to everyone if possible.


What’s New from Wizards & The Guild Adepts​

  1. My Dad’s Monster Manual by James Introcaso
  2. Muk’s Guide to Everything He Learned from Tasha from Wizards of the Coast
  3. Puzzle Master by Celeste Conowitch, James Introcaso, M.T. Black
  4. Last Stand at Copper Canyon by Stacey Alan
  5. Encounters in the Far North by Ginny Loveday, M.T. Black, Celeste Conowitch, Ashley Michaela “Navigator” Lawson, Rich Lescouflair

What’s Most Popular On the DM’s Guild​

  1. Exploring Eberron by Keith Baker, KB Presents
  2. Tasha’s Crucible of Everything Else Volume 1 by Various Authors
  3. Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Complete DM’s Bundle by Enentyr Games
  4. The Book of Lost Magicka: A Homebrew For Equality Charity by Homebrew for Equality Volunteer Group
  5. Monster Manual Expanded (5E) by Dragonix

What’s New in the Adventure League​

  1. CCC-TCW-WSF1 A Change of Heart by Bernard Jericho Velasco
  2. CCC-PSA-01 In The Darkest of Times by Jon Klucharits
  3. Spies Below the Moonsea Septology (Bundle) by Various Authors
  4. CCC-GHC-BK2-10 Into the Dark, Black Forest by Gamehole Con, Ruth Imhoff
  5. CCC-HERO-BK03-01 A Walk Along The Borders by Gamehole Con, Rick O’Donnell


Pocket Review: Comprehensive Equipment Manual​

This is a review we have been wanting to get up for a while. The Comprehensive Equipment Manual (CEM) is a fantastic supplement by Wraith Wright Productions. This supplement has been updated and split into four different manuals now. We are going to review all of the components eventually, but for now we are going to just review the CEM. A complimentary copy was provided to EN World. Currently, the CEM is a Silver Best Seller.

In terms of aesthetics, the CEM is a good looking product. The artwork is varied and looks very good. There is a lot of art as well and the overall layout looks good. As with many DM Guild products, there is a lot of text and the supplement is dense. That may or may not appeal to you as a reader. But, it means there is a lot of information packed into the supplement.

In the Introduction (Chapter 0) it talks about some decisions and how the book is laid out. I found this to be useful when navigating the supplement. Part One deals with Standard Equipment. This is all stuff that a player could find in mundane shops and would be common in a typical D&D 5E game. There are new varieties of, well everything, like armor, weapons, and tools. The new armors can be used to create a diversity in culture, for instance, as could new weapons. Part Two introduces more limited or optional equipment that would change the nature of the campaign. Firearms are just one example of this. There are also lists for a Jade Empire / Asian influenced game and a Metal-poor post-apocalypse setting.

In addition to extensive lists of equipment, there are variant rules included. These rules are listed alongside the equipment, so you do not have to go looking in other parts of the supplement for the rules to use the cool equipment. I found this to be an excellent design decision. I recommend that you take a look at the Comprehensive Equipment Manual if you are looking to add some detail to your 5E fantasy campaign.

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Sean Hillman

Sean Hillman

I wonder about DM Guild opening new sections, one for fan-art and sketchs (for example gladiators of Dark Sun, or warriors with tribal tattoos from Jakandor) and something to promote webcomics inspired in D&D. I wonder about webtoons, manwhua and manhuas whose characters were races from Kara-Tur to promote this line/subsetting, and other of webnovels for amateur writters creating their own stories in alternate times of Krynn (for example one Raitslin's daughter, a half-irda, become a planewalkers and tries to avoid the apocalypse caused by this when his became the supreme deity, or one where lord Sorth travels to the past and kill the king-priest, but the poisonous reward is to become dark lord of "new Sithicus").


For the record, WotC has not enabled Dark Sun as a dmsguild setting. But you already can sell art on the guild! There's limitations fo =r maps if they recreate an official one (eg as in adventure). What I know some people want is fiction/novels.

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