DMs Guild Roundup: Spelljammer Edition, Part 2

Like the previous installment, this list adds five more products to the list. These products are listed in no particular order that I found intriguing from the top 100 rated products. They are all 4-5 star products, but also a somewhat personal choice. Your mileage may vary.


The Voidfarer's Guide to Fashion Week by The Illuminhaughti

If you are going to adventure across space you need to do it in style. I’m a sucker for detail on small but essential parts of a setting and this product looks at a variety of space suits. Stay safe and fashionable in the dreadful void of Wildspace with this essential guide. Each of these 20 suits is fully illustrated and offers a great set of options for gearing up when exploring.


Spelljammer Heists by William Rotor

While there are a lot of full adventures on the DM’s Guild, sometimes you want a one shot to fill in a gap in the campaign. This product offers twelve short heist adventures with a selection of new rules and subclasses. As each heist involves taking something from a place, this product also gives you detail on a selection of places, whether you decide to steal from them or not.


The God Corpse by The Illuminhaughti

If you want something to get your teeth into for a few sessions you’ll find plenty of full adventures too. The God Corpse shows that Spelljammer games can get pretty strange, as this is an exploration of the mummified body of a long dead god. It is somewhat ‘gooey’ in places as it has a lot of biological detail, to the point it can be used in the classroom to explore human anatomy (just without the stomach acid elemental).


The Fey of Wildspace by The Wild Court

As well as adventures there are a lot of monster supplements out there as well, especially given the potential variety of creatures in Wildspace. This particular product offers a collection of beasties with a great theme, bringing the Fey into Spelljammer. There is a good collection of monsters here, as well as some general detail on the Fey in Wildspace. The team has also worked on several generic DM’s Guild products for the Fey so there is a long track record.


A Space Hamster's Guide to Spelljammer by Aidan Fisk

We started with a penguin in the first article, so let’s end on a hamster. This supplement is another compendium of rules and tweaks with a large dose of space hamsters. It just goes to prove that you can fit anything into Spelljammer and there is even a playable (7 foot tall!) hamster race supplement by the same author.

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Andrew Peregrine

Andrew Peregrine


The three types of creatures that Wildspace lacks tend to be celestials, fiends and fey. The original 2E spelljammer came into being when demons were a no-no, and what sort of good guys would fight celestials? And until the Feywild, fey creatures were just lacking in D&D overall.

One other thing I'm seeing that's really interesting is that several publishers are straight-out pulling sci-fi directly into Spelljammer - a bit more Dragonstar or Starfinder than D&D's medieval/age of sail take. Starships, laser weaponry, robots, the whole thing. It's an interesting take that bends Spelljammer in a way we haven't seen, but might be better suited to the way some people play.

5e is not ready yet for sci-fi and modern technology. It is not only the firearms or ray guns but also the 3d printers, the mechas, the powered armours, the exosuits, the new materials, remote-control drones, and let's add the transhumanism about mind-upload and digital immortality.

A new d20 Future or new edition of Star Frontiers is possible. If WotC had got the licence of Star Wars, they would be very happy publishing a new ed, but if we are talking about d20 Future being totally retrocompatible with D&D then the things are very different. A monster designed to face space marines is too powerful for medieval knights.

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