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Andrew Peregrine

Andrew Peregrine
Gen Con Behind the Stand
  • 3
Gen Con is amazing, and a place every gamer should try to get to see if they can at least once. A glorious and heaving mass of games and gaming all (only just) packed into Indianapolis. It has grown each year recently, now spreading beyond the vast convention hall into at least five other hotels and the huge Lucas Oil Stadium (home of the Indianapolis Colts, so I'm told). It's an incredible con to visit, but a mammoth undertaking for the games companies that trade there every year.
Your Opinion Matters
  • 37
I’d like to ask you a favor. The next time (or ideally every time) you buy an RPG product, leave a short review. You might not think your opinion is that important, or that a line or two on a Drivethrurpg review is any use. But I promise you, it really helps in a lot of ways.

Origins Report: Huge, Friendly...and Penguins

  • 16
So, having got back from the Origins Game Fair, I thought it seemed a good idea to share some of my experiences there while I'm getting over jet lag. However, this is not an article about new releases or recent gaming news. That sort of thing is already excellently covered by the marvelous Egg Embry and the EN team. So instead I spent some of the con making a note of anything interesting I came across. So this is something of a very personal ramble of stuff I found interesting. All of the following can be found online with a quick google, I urge you to give them a closer look.

Uneasy Partnerships

  • 37
The gaming industry is generally a very helpful and friendly place. But sometimes relationships can be strained between the very people whose partnership is the heart of the industry: producers and retailers. In the age of digital publishing and internet ordering, it has become harder and harder to do well as a games retailer. In this article I hope to offer some insight into where the difficulties in the industry lie to help customers support both retailers and games producers.

Games That Changed How We Play

  • 55
There are a lot of role-playing games out there, and almost all of them have something none of the others have. But a few stand out for offering such a new idea that it can change the way we play, or inspire other designers with new ideas. This list is really a fraction of ‘games that changed the industry’. You can probably add plenty more. But as a place to start in looking at some of the most innovative games on the market, this will do for now. If you happen to be unfamiliar with any of the following, I hope you take some time to check them out.

Don't Use the Internet, It's Silly Season!

  • 8
With April fool’s day upon us, it may be time to take a break from anything grim and perilous or gothically dark and try something a little sillier. There are a lot of comedy games out there, and while not all of them play well as a campaign they can offer memorable one off adventures. Playing something a little silly can also be a good way to clean the palate. They are usually very simple to dive into and offer the opportunity to go a little crazy. Nothing is off the table and the most stupid ideas are the most entertaining. Play the character that usually makes a mess of any party and have a blast. Get all the craziness out of your system in one glorious night of insanity and then you can return to some serious gaming refreshed and renewed.

Tough Truths About the Game Industry

  • 48
If you're new to the game industry, you've probably heard a lot of myths about publishing. The truth is more complicated -- and, if you're planning to publish your new game, perhaps more encouraging.

Unsung Heroes of the Gaming Industry

  • 11
Role-playing games clearly use a lot of writers and artists, but these people are only one part of the team that gets a book published. The rest of this team are often underappreciated even though their work is just as essential. But writing and art remain the jobs people think of when they want to ‘get into the gaming industry’. They are the ‘actors’ rather than the ‘backstage staff’ in gaming. So, as I also work backstage as a lighting technician in theatre, I felt it was time to grant these unsung roles some applause.


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