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DMs Guild DMs Guild Round Table for AlbaCon 2020


Tabletop Scotland & Polyhedral Press Overlord
Hi there, I'm one of the organisers of an online charity RPG convention AlbaCon which is happening on the 3rd & 4th October this year.

On Saturday 5th September I'm hosting a panel of several (5 to 7) different DMs Guild creators. The panel is being pre-recorded and will then be published on YouTube in due course (before AlbaCon itself).

If you've got questions about how to get started in writing for D&D / DMs Guild let me know, I have a number of questions of my own but keen to hear from others.

Find out who I'm interviewing by checking out this tweet - https://twitter.com/AlbaConRPG/status/1299685883252297728 - or this post on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AlbaConRPG/photos/a.116795223395152/153910786350262

We have lots of D&D and other RPGs available to play online at AlbaCon.

Check out the schedule and book your spaces now - https://albacon.co.uk/rpg-schedule/ - and all money goes to our charity, It's Good 2 Give - https://www.itsgood2give.co.uk/

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