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DM's Guild Top Authors Mega Bundle!

The top thirty best selling products on the DM's Guild in a bundle for ten bucks. It includes the Frozen Castle expansion to the The Hoard of Tiamat from Kobold press and a few other gems!

From the DM's Guild.

This collection of Fifth Edition D&D material includes titles selected from among the top thirty bestselling community authors who have published their work on DM's Guild. And to sweeten the deal, with the permission of those authors, it's all been marked down to 84% off the cover prices!

Players and Dungeon Masters alike, no matter what the setting, are sure to find something useful inside — whether it's new class options, feats, and magic items, or new monsters, rules, and adventures.

Get the best of the best now, just $9.95, only for a short time, available only on DMsGuild.com!

The bundle contains

10 New Feats for 5th Edition D&D
New Feats
This document contains 10 New Feats for 5th Edition D&D:
Acrobat - A feat for the nimble and well-balanced. Arcane Archer - Allows you to mix archery with the arcane. Close Quarters Shooter - Shooting into the melee fray has never been this easy. Commander - Direct your allies in combat. Improvisational Caster - Change your spells on the fly. Small Arms Expert - Makes light weapons and throwing weapons a viable martial choice. Spell Focus - Choose your school of magic and overwhelm your enemies! Weapon Specialization - Elevate your performance with your weapon of choice. Underdog - Bend but not broken, hurt but not dead. You enjoy being down a point.
Additionally, the Weapon Master feat has...

5MWD Presents: Treasure & Art Objects
5 Minute Workday Presents: Treasure & Art Objects
Skip the piles of coins and generic gemstones. Take back your campaign's treasure and make your player's loot fun and interesting!
This product contains charts with new Art Objects for you game, with 400 new items to include in treasure hoards, ranging in value from 25 gold pieces to a staggering 7500 gold pieces.
Also included are smaller charts with sets of trade goods that can be added to hoards in place of art objects, coins, and gems. Mix-and-match these sets of 50-odd trade goods and reward your players with barrels of honey, a keg of ale, or a bolt of silk cloth.

Additional Alchemy
Did you get a taste for throwing explosives at low level, only to find alchemist’s fire and acid vials lose their potency compared to your higher level options? Additional Alchemy has you covered with over a dozen new concoctions to throw at your enemies, plus a few other alchemical goodies for good measure.
Plus, a new feat for specializing in in throwing alchemical substances: Bomb Thrower.

Adventure: Reign of the Ice King
Reign of the Ice King is a 10th level Adventure for 4-6 players
Icewind Dale; The mad mage Akar Kessell has long been defeated, along with his evil army. Most of the dwarves of clan Battlehammer have migrated east to their ancient home of Mithral Hall after the death of Shimmergloom and her dark-dwarf minions. The Ten Towns valley has prospered over the years but has also seen the leaving of many of its heroes.
Now, a new menace has moved in beneath the shadow of Kelvin’s Cairn and threatens devastation to the townsfolk of Termalaine.
The adventurers are visiting the frozen region of Ten Towns when they see smoke rising from the town of Termalaine. Upon entering the town they find unimaginable destruction and many casualti...

Bestiary of Faerûn - Monsters of the Forgotten Realms
Welcome to the Bestiary of Faerûn. This book contains more than a hundred monsters of all types, sizes and challenge ratings from the Forgotten Realms™ campaign setting for use with the Dungeons & Dragons™ 5th Edition Rules. With this book, there will be no shortage of monsters in any of your campaigns!
The Bestiary of Faerûn contains more than 150 different monsters and variants as well as new spells and new templates.
The monsters featured in this book include the banedead, beholder mage, deepspawn, fang dragon, mountain giant, diamond golem, wereshark, neo-orog, Ice Spire ogre, scalamagdrion, wemic, and many, many more.

Book of Shadows - player options, monsters and magical items
The Book of Shadows contain player options wrought in darkness, shadowy creatures and magical items of light and dark. For a free taste, take a look at the School of Shadow, which is also featured in the Book of Shadows.
The Book of Shadows contain:
1 new player race, with two sub-races 4 new archetypes 6 new creatures 1 new creature template 6 magical items
New player race.
The shadar-kai are a race born or created in darkness, who can travel through shadow and endure necrotic damage. Dark and gloomy, restless and wraithlike. There are two sub-races to the shadar-kai: the Restless shadar-kai and the Wraithlike shadar-kai.

Companion Card System
Ever wanted to have NPCs travel with your party, only to be discouraged by the extra time they add to combat? Or perhaps you want to have that one important NPC adventure with the players, but you want to avoid the infamous DMPC. Or maybe your players just woke up in a jail cell with 10 other NPCs that are all interesting, but keeping them all around is just too much to keep track of.
Fear not! The Companion Card System is here to solve all of your problems. With this simple system, you can easily track companion NPCs in an abstract way that keeps them relevant and interesting, but allows the PCs to remain front and center. Companions are so simple in fact, that you can fit them on 3x5 index cards!
Originally designed to help deal with all of the NPCs in Out of the Abyss...

D&D Denizens: Drow & Driders
The drow elf entry in the Monster Manual lists four types of drow: the standard drow (CR 1/4), the elite warrior (CR 5), the mage (CR 7), and the priestess of Lolth (CR 8). This document provides a range of other drow to populate any Underdark encounter, adventure, or campaign. The creatures here range from CR 1/2 to CR 7.
Drow Acolyte of Lolth (CR 1/2) Drow Blademaster (CR 6) Drow Cultist of Ghaunadaur (CR 2) Drow Darkblade (CR 3) Drow Spellsword (CR 2) Drow Tracker (CR 1) Drow Underpriestess of Lolth (CR 4) Drow Warrior (CR 2)
As a special bonus, in addition to the above drow, there are also two drider variants included:
Drider Battlemage (CR 7) Drider Wretch (CR 4) Other Titles in This Series D&D Citizens: Dwarves D&D Citize...

Dragons! Volume 2 - Metallic Dragons

"If you want more flexibility in how you use dragons, Dragons! is an inexpensive option to save yourself the time of messing around with numbers and trying to calculate Challenge Ratings. Recommended." - Merric B
Welcome again dragon lovers!
Are you playing in the Forgotten Realms? Running Storm King's Thunder? Tyranny of Dragons Horde of the Dragon Queen? Rise of Tiamat? Out of the Abyss? A home brew? It doesn't matter where your game is set, if there's one thing any Dungeons and Dragons setting can use its more dragons!
Inside Dragons! Volume 2 - Metallic Dragons you will find 30 dragon stat blocks featuring stats for Very Young, Juvenile, Youn...

Frozen Castle - Expanding Tyranny of Dragons
Tyranny Expanded: A Return to Skyreach Castle! The loss of Skyreach Castle in Hoard of the Dragon Queen was a major setback to the Cult of the Dragon, but still only a setback. The cult is determined to retake the castle and claim Tiamat's lost treasure buried in its frozen walls and cloudstuff vaults, but they aren't the only ones. Giants and creatures of the frozen wastes wish to claim that wealth themselves! This 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons adventure is designed for 10th- and 11th-level characters, and is set in the Forgotten Realms. Get your giant on, and surprise your players with a chunk of Tyranny of Dragons that they can't find in the book! ...

Gem Dragons of Faerûn
"Eldenser is a wyrm of impossible age. His decrepit body lies a crypt in Waterdeep's City of the Dead, his lavender scales slowly fading to milky white in his deathlike stasis...."
Crystal, amethyst, sapphire, emerald, topaz, and the Ruby Dragon Sardior himself--gem dragons have been part of D&D since the earliest days.
Ed Greenwood says: "There's something cool about dragons. A special sort of cool: great power, hubris, magic, wits to match the adventurers' own. Any Dungeon Master can always use a new dragon, either a detailed individual or entirely new sorts of dragons. In Gem Dragons of Faerûn, you get both."
"Gem dragons have been around for a long time, but this is the best and most detailed treatment of them I've ever laid...

Journey into the Realms (5e)
Dangerous encounters await those who journey into the Realms.
Are you a Game Master looking for quick and simple scenarios, or interesting encounters to weave into your Forgotten Realms™ adventures or home campaign setting?
Journey into the Realms is an ever-expanding collection of encounters designed to challenge players.
This product provides Players and Game Masters with the following:
10 scenerios to serve as random encounters, side treks, or adventure starters. New Magic Item: Necromancer's Stone. Printer friendly version of the product included.
Although designed for the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting™, this product easily adapts into your favorite campaign.

Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 - The Darklake Strikes Back
Are your player's going fishing in the Underdark? Booked a ride with the Kua Toa Travel Agency? Taking a cruise on the Darklake? Well then Journey Through the Center of the Underdark 2 - The Darklake Strikes Back is just what the Leemooggoogon ordered! Like the first Journey, The Darklake Strikes Back contains several encounters designed with Out of the Abyss traveling days in mind, but easily inserted into any 5th Edition Dungeons & Dragons Underdark setting.Unlike the first Journey, The Darklake Strikes Back has a mid sized three level dynamically defended dungeon, complete with a dragon at the bottom! This complex is right at home on the Darklake but could also readily be inserted into your Tyranny of Dragons campaign as well.

Magic Village for Sale - Adventure
Tristan Harpell, a self-centered though likeable young mage, has bought a magic village! A month ago he sent his servant off to take possession of it, and he's heard nothing since. Our heroes are sent to investigate - and find an adventure unlike anything they've experienced before...
Magic Village for Sale is a 3-4 hour adventure for characters of 4th-5th level. It features exploration, role-playing and thrilling combat encounters...
This adventure was co-created with critically acclaimed DMs Guild author, Richard Jansen-Parkes!
Download these great value bundles -
Download these bestselling and highly rated adventures and supplements -
Follow me on twitter @MTBlack2567...

Maps for your Adventures Set 3: Cityscapes
By Patrick E. Pullen
Here are 20 random maps that I have posted which can be used to enhance the look of your products, such as your Drive Thru RPG, DMs Guild and RPG Now projects. The maps are in a PDF file for easy download.
There are color maps and some hand drawn maps ready to add to your adventures and projects to make them look more professional!
There is a large variety of maps. Everything from Cities to Taverns.
Also Check out Sets 1 and 2
When using my art I ask to be credited in the artist section as Patrick E. Pullen

Monster Classes
This guidebook is stacked full of 35 new class/race combinations designed to bring Monstrous Player Characters to your table. Fully compatible with character creation rules, each Monster Class includes both race and class information, along with 5 or 10 levels of class abilities (perfect to then multiclass into one of the standard classes for high-level play).
Much more than a simple race, Monster Classes give you flavorful and thematic abilities that make you really feel like you're playing as a monster. Play as a flame-forged Azer, an irresistible Succubus, a Centaur charging into battle, or even a...

Monsternomicon: Kyuss and His Faithful
Whispers have emerged that The Worm That Walks is returning to Faerun. Contained in the following pages can be found a summary of the heralds of Kyuss, as well as optional rules for characters that may find themselves beholden to the harbinger of the final apocalypse.
Includes 3 new creatures, one new cleric domain, and adventure seeds to get your characters moving along their new, dark path. These options are geared towards creating new & memorable villains... but a wormy cleric hidden amongst the heroes is compelling, too!
I have other DM's Guild offerings, as well:
Background: The Order of the Cerulean Sign (pay what you want) Monsternomicon: Mind Flayers
Feedback is always welcome - please leave your thoughts here, on enworld, or contact ...

Planar Bestiary Excerpts #1: Gehenna
Looking for more than a paltry 4 yugoloths to use in your campaign? Taken right from the pages of the Planar Bestiary, these 12 updated Yugoloths can be found on their home plane of Gehenna, or as mercenaries across the planes, whether they fight in the Blood War or for some other nefarious purpose.
As with all creatures from the Bestiary, these creatures are faithfully updated to preserve their place in the Planes, as well as their iconic abilities, while expertly fitting them into the more streamlined design patterns of 5th edition.
Contents:Baernaloth (Challenge 16)Canoloth (Challenge 3)Dergholoth (Challenge 4)Gacholoth (Challenge 6)Guardian Yugoloth, Least (Challenge 2)Guardian Yugoloth, Lesser (Challenge 3)Guardian Yugoloth, Grater (Cha...

Race Compendium - Volume Two
This bundle of races, feats, and equipment expands the options for players and dungeon masters alike, bringing a unique and exciting experience to your tabletop.
This compendium contains:
Five new races. The enigmatic githzerai, one half of a broken race with a dark and troubled past; the militaristic hobgoblins, a race renown and feared for their combat prowess and battlefield tactics; the curious olrûn merfolk, a subgroup of merfolk blessed by Deep Sashelas with the ability to move freely between land and sea; the crystalline shardminds, a people who share a collective goal but differ in their philosphical approach to accomplishing it; the nomadic thri-kreen, a race of insectoid hunter-gatherers more alien to some of the common folk of Toril than oth...

Ravenloft Bestiary - Monsters of the Dread Domain
Welcome to the Ravenloft Bestiary. This book contains more than three hundred monsters of all types, sizes and challenge ratings from the Ravenloft™ campaign setting for use with the Dungeons & Dragons™ 5th Edition Rules. With this book, there will be no shortage of monsters in any of your horror campaigns!
The Ravenloft Bestiary contains more than 300 different monsters and variants as well as new templates.
The monsters featured in this book include the animator, backward man, brain in a jar, the Ravenloft elementals, ghoul lord, mechanical golem, psionic lich, loup-garou, red widow, elder vampire, king wight, and many, many more.

Tarokka Deck Unleashed
Unleash the true power of the Tarokka Deck!
This product provides Players and Game Masters with the following for thrilling play:
New rules to expand the use of the Tarokka Deck into your game. An alternative to the inspiration system using Tarokka cards. Rules how to implement despair and morale using Tarokka cards.
FEEDBACK: This is a new concept for 5th Edition and therefore, we need constructive feedback on how to enhance or streamline the rules. Are the features to powerful or not powerful enough? Is the alternative worth a point of inspiration? Future updates will refine the rules as well as include a FAQ.
Although designed for the Ravenloft Campaign SettingTM, this product easily adapts into your favor...

The Dawn Chasers - Adventure
"Wow! Nicely done!"
"A great change of pace from traditional wilderness and dungeon crawls"
"awesome... another winner"
Ahoy, mateys! Join Captain Moonlight and her crew aboard the Dawn Chaser for swashbuckling adventures on the high seas. You'll fight pirates, tangle with storms, explore a ship wreck and confront an ancient power on a lost island! This easy-to-run adventure is designed for 3rd-4th level characters, and can be completed in 4-6 hours of play.
This adventure was co-created with critically acclaimed DMs Guild author, Anthony Lesink. It includes several original maps by Daniel F. Walthall.

The Dungeon Master's Handbook II
from Cawood Publishing.
Another practical handbook for any Dungeon Master. Need more monsters? Need more useful NPC type monsters? Want easy-to-use treasure tables? Need more encounter tables? Want encounters for the Curse of Strahd adventure? This book contains all of that and more.
The 84 page book includes:
Over 40 new monsters Many NPC type monsters including; Archer, Arch Priest, Charlatan, Guide, Gypsy King/Queen, Holy Avenger, Hound Master, King/Queen, Mage Slayer, Mariner, Master Bard, Master Spy, Mercenary, Mounted Soldier, Mystic, Necromancer, Ragemaster, Sage, Sentinel, Squire, Steward, Urchin, Witch Hunter, and Witch King/Queen Over 30 pages of encounter tables and monster lists including; Aerial Encounters, Bridges, ...

The House of the Midnight Violet - Adventure
"A well-written adventure through a mansion filled with dark secrets."
The party is recruited by an innkeeper to recover a flower from a nearby mansion. He is an alchemist and he is running short on his supply of the Midnight Violet.
Town rumors warn the party to stay away. But, that's unlikely given that your heros are mighty and brave.
While exploring the mansion, the adventurers will learn the story of the family that once lived there and what caused their demise. That is...if they live that long.
Two new creatures and one new magic item are introduced in this adventure.

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The cityscapes, treasure and Ravenloft bestiary alone sold me on this - thanks creators & [MENTION=52905]darjr[/MENTION]!


Lowcountry Low Roller
It was also a sad reminder of how clunky the UI is for DMs Guild. And the bulk download UI is atrocious!

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