DM's Guild: What Do The Customers Think?

The DM's Guild has been around for a couple of months now. There have been lots of threads about it from the seller's point of view discussing all manner of aspects of the site (if you're thinking of selling there, there are tons of advice and discussion threads right here on EN World, covering things like price, art, folks sharing how much they've made, and so on). There haven't been quite so many from the customer's point of view, though. So what are your overall impressions of the DM's Guild, now you've had chance to get used to its offerings? What do you think of the products all these new publishers are offering? Are you using DM's Guild more or less than you were a month ago? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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I bought something for the first time this week-end. I got what I consider was a really good module (though not right for my table) and a set of interesting, but not particularly viable archetypes for the warlock class. One was listed as a dollar, and the other was pay as you want (in this case I paid a dollar).

My biggest concern was that I felt I was buying largely sight unseen, which caused me to spend less than I might with a larger view of what I was getting. I don't regret my two dollar purchase, but as I didn't really get any use out of either thing I bought, I probably would have been disappointed if I had spent four or five dollars.

But I'll definitely purchase some other things, as long as they are at a low enough price point as to be an impulse purchase that I won't care if they don't work out.


I've bought a few things here and their but I have the same problem of not really knowing what I'm buying.

Really I would like to see more high value items compared to one-off adventures and uninteresting subclasses whose descriptions revel jack squat at what said subclass does. Stuff like Dreamscarred Press's Psionics or Path of War would be nice.

All in all it feels like the Apple App Store. Except their does not seem to be any diamonds in the ruff.


I've bought a handful of adventures and one or two monster files; I'm mainly focused on proven names (whether professional or otherwise), so I wish there was better search functionality on the website, but I'm otherwise satisfied with my purchases. I'm not really interested in the endless deluge of player content, though I did check out a handful of the popular PWYW offerings to see what the fuss was about.


I'm a bit player with 2 short modules on the site based on Southcrypt (shameless plug). I have noticed when posting the 2nd one last week that I had the option to list the amount of preview people can see. I want to say if was up to 20 pages. I'm not sure if most of the new books and modules posted will have more preview based on this new feature.

Underwhelmed. I have bought seven or 8 items and the quality had been okay to good but nothing great yet. DMs Guild seems to be based on quick and cheap. I would rather there be some more expensive items of higher quality and original art.

By far my biggest gripe is the stock art. while stock art is a great idea to a degree, seeing the same art in item after item really takes away from some of the products.


I've not sunken any money into things just yet, but I've been checking out products that are free or pay what you want to see if I find the contents suitable to use in my campaigns, or get inspired by the ideas within. I've been making careful study of the other products too, reading whatever previews are available and getting a sense of whether something goes on my wishlist or not.

All told, I've not yet come across a product I've put into use - but that doesn't mean that I don't look forward to seeing what new things have been uploaded since my last visit to the site, or that I don't think there is a chance that whatever the next product I take a look at will be one that I put to use in my games.

...and I think if I were a player, rather than a DM, I might actually get more out the DM's Guild products out there so far since so many of them are new races and classes.


It was worth it for me just to get The Frozen Castle. I'd be thrilled if it becomes an outlet for more supplemental sidequests for official adventures that couldn't fit in the printed book due to page count.


I think its a good idea. It is something that happens anyway with the various fansites. I do wish they were categorized by type of content. Adventure, Gear, Class Options, Race Options, Campaign Information, etc....


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I know it's still young, but there's a definite lack of reliable product information and consumer reporting so far. Like most voluntary customer rating systems, there's not going to be a lot of variance in most of the products. For a long time we can expect to see the majority of titles hover around 4-5 stars regardless of their comparative quality and value. Most of the problem is that no one's stepping up yet to curate the DM's Guild or to give proper previews. So, it's on us to take the time and effort to carefully provide public feedback on our purchases.

Now, to practice what I preach:

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