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WotC DnDBeyond begins a new Creator highlight stream show.


There was a new update today unless I'm confused.
You are correct it looks like the update the information on the 22nd. Not a lot new, but they do have a length explanation about the Creator Summit which I don't remember. Of note, it is not intended to be the only one.

We also wanted to take a moment to share more about our upcoming Creator Summit. This event is only the start of our renewed conversations with content creators—not a one and done. There are thousands of creators and members of the community we want to talk to. While this event can't include them all, it was important for us to take our first step in the process.

Our in-person invitee list is balanced to make sure we've included guests from as many different aspects of the community as possible while making sure we are maximizing the quality of our conversations with those creators. The same is true for our digital invitees- our aim was to allow for the maximum number we could bring into virtual meetings without impacting quality discussion.

The primary goal of this event is to listen to our community, and we've done our best to structure the event around that goal. We plan to publish our recap of those conversations here, and to connect with many more creators moving forward at conventions and similar events.

It's also worth noting that this is the first time Wizards has hosted an event of this scale in some time, so we wanted to make sure we were making it a successful one. We will be taking everything we learned from creating and hosting this summit to help inform future community and creator events.

We also support and appreciate constructive open feedback from the community about the actions that Wizards takes and events that we plan. However, we would encourage the community to direct that feedback at Wizards of the Coast and not at individuals, or fellow members of the D&D community.

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