Do you...NaNo? (National Novel Writing Month)

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I write about 6-10k words a week already on my two storyhours. I don't have the time to do something for NaNo, I've already got a dozen stories being written up outside of the storyhours.



I'm SEVERELY tempted. I was tempted last year as well, and had to shake my head ferociously to refrain from trying it at a time when I knew I couldnt commit to it.

I have a lot of goals left to complete by the end of the year, so if I can sit down and sensibly plan sopme projects, I might do it.

I wrote ~40k words of short stories between August 21st and September 18th. I was burnt out after that. Sounds like fun, but I'll pass. I'll write a novel when I have a lot of time off (ie if I get laid off work).



First Post
I took note of this site on another forum I frequent. I am quite tempted to sign up and participate. I'll make the final decision to commit on the 28th.


Ah, just signed up for it (as devilishd) - - taking the plunge.

Worst case, I'll just send in a word doc with "loser" 50,000 times. :(


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