Do you trust the people you game with?

Do you trust the people you game with?

  • Yes, 100%. They can come to the table playing a chair and I know we will all have fun.

    Votes: 88 37.9%
  • Most of the them. However, there are a few I need to keep an eye on. So, I have to restict them in

    Votes: 107 46.1%
  • About half the time or half of them I can trust. So, there has to be a clear set of what's allowed

    Votes: 27 11.6%
  • I really can't trust many of them, so the restrictions are many and firm. But we are better for the

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • I cannot trust a single one of them.

    Votes: 6 2.6%


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Do you trust them to create characters that will be fun for them and for everyone?

As a DM can you say "Well, I'm allowing everything because I know that you all will not choose things based on power, but based on fun?" Or do you feel you need to restrict the players’ choices because one or two of them would see what they could get away with? Can you instead of using point buy or rolling dice for attributes have players just pick what they want for their character?

As a PC are you worried about what the other players will make and the choices they make for them? Are you concerned with taking feats, skill, classes, spells, etc that are powerful because you know if you don't you will be out shined by the other PCs? Or can you make you character without any knowledge of the others knowing that it will all work out find in the end with no jealousy or discontent.

As a PC do you trust the DM to be fair and change the rules in the right way? Or must you question his choices or seek out others opinions on message boards, e-mails, conventions, etc.

Do you feel the need to watch what others roll, or can you trust them to always be honest?

I know not all the choices may fit what you feel, but please choose the closest.
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In my old group I could trust all my fellow players and my DM. In my new group, I am still finding out so that is way I voted the third choice. They seem nice but I have only been to one game so....



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I'm not sure if "trust" is the right word.

Some of the people I game with will go home and read the books thoroughly looking for ways to build strong characters. Others will just go with a character concept that interests them, strong or not. Its not like I dont trust one of these groups, but you do have to be a little watchful that the min/maxers dont bring a gun to the knife-fight and that the character guys dont bring a nerf-ball to the same shindig.


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My only real problem player for this sort of thing has moved away, so I'm golden.


I even had an instance recently when I asked a player to use a different character in an M&M game and he immediately complied. We all had a blast!


Seven players in my new game, four of whom I've only met recently and I've found I can trust them. My problem is that one of them doesn't trust me, even though I have done nothing to her character that might give her reason not to. C'est la vie...


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Yeah, I went with option 2. I trust my guys and we (almost) always have a good time, but some are prone to take advantage if I don't pay attention to what they're doing.


I handpicked the players for my current Scarred Lands game, and I trust them all to make well-rounded characters that have their share of bonuses and weaknesses. I wanted to pour a lot of my best ideas into this campaign, and so I needed to trust the players implicitly.

This is not so in some other games I play or with other players I know. Some people enjoy breaking the system for the most devastating character they can come up with. Case in point, in an Iron Kingdoms game we started recently, one of the newer players to the group is heavy on the powergaming side. His new character is a heavily armored cleric of a war god who is bent on being more of a combatant than the two existing fighters in the group. War and Destruction domains, Bull Strength and Bastard Swords... And this was the character he made after the DM vetoed two other abusive ones. Ah, but it sounds like I'm ranting...


in my old group, i could trust them with everything. we even played over the phone sometimes.

but since i've returned to gaming. i would say...maybe...

some of them definitely yes, some them definitely no. others the jury's still out.


I tried this, but one of my players *cough* ghettognome *cough* likes rolling her stats too much, so choosing causes her to have an anurism and die. :)

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