Does a power that reduca damage, also negate conditions?


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I wonder, if enemy hit me with power that couse a 20dmg and make me dazed (save end) and I use Shielding Shadows or another power that reduces damage, reducing it to 0 (zero), the condition is still appied? Will I still be dazed?

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My understanding is no where in the rules does it say that negating damage also negates effects. Thus, you would still be dazed in your example.


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Reducing damage to 0 does not negate the other effects of a power. If it did, it would say so on p. 276.

EDIT: Also, the non-damage effects of powers are always tied to whether or not the attack hit, not whether or not it did damage.
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Unless otherwise specified, resistance only reduces damage and has no bearing on effects. Immunity, on the other hand, affects damage and effects.



For those of you who like page references:

Resist: Resistance means you take less damage from a specific damage type. If you have Resist 5 Fire, then anytime you take Fire damage, you reduce that damage by 5. (PHB276)

Immune: The monster has immunity to the stated kind of damage or effect. For example, a monster with "Immune Poison" never takes Poison damage and can't suffer any other ill effects from a Poison attack. (MM282)

While the Resist section doesn't specifically point out that it doesn't stop effects, the lack of mention should be sufficient. Expecially since the Immune section does speciifically mention effects.


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