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PF2E Does proficiency in armor class go up by level?


I have looked for the answer to this in the rule book but I cannot find an answer. Proficiency in skills, attacks, saving throws and saving throw dc's scale by level. Does armor class for PC's function in the same way? For example, does a 5th level rogue with leather armor and a dexterity of 18 have an Armor Class of 17 or 22?

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Golden Procrastinator
Yes, AC scales in the same way. For example, look at page 13. It states that the proficiency bonus includes the level (unless the character is untrained) and it is added to AC.


Everything scales in that way, except damage (you don't add level to damage).

Also note that in addition to AC increasing by one every level, classes also increase their proficiency ranks in armor at specified intervals. For instance, when an Alchemist levels up from 12th to 13th level, not only does AC increase by +1 as always, it also increases by an additional +2 because the Alchemist gets Light Armor Expertise at that level.

So AC might jump three steps at certain levels (just like attack bonuses, skills, saving throws and DCs do), different from class to class.