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Here is where the game took a strange turn . . .
Tuktuk, the goblin wizard, died during [autolink]Kidnap a weaponsmith[/autolink]. His player wanted to bring the character back as a revenant wizard, and rather than just bring him back, I decided to do a session in the Shadowfell - or Dulhurr as it is known in Eberron.
So Zek the assassin came along, because he's already half in the shadow. Tuktuk was obviously a PC, and everyone else made up new PCs. And I told them to come up with a compelling reason they were connected to the goblin clan, and that any backstory they came up with is true. Even if it violates Eberron canon, and even if they were mutually exclusive - they were all still true.
Tuktuk decided the Forgotten One was the missing god - a hobgoblin Far Realms nightmare that was blocked from history by the Sovereign Host and the Dark Six. Another PC decided he was saved by the Raven Queen, so she's now the god of drow. A third decided the Eberron afterlife, where souls waste away in jars until they forget themselves, was all a lie to keep the Forgotten One down. The gods are stealing the souls that should rightfully go back to the Forgotten One.
So the PCs saved Tuktuk from certain annihilation, found the shard of the Forgotten One trapped in a Jar, and escaped. Some of the new PCs haven't been played since, but Akariel, Travock and Zoul were in a bunch of adventures.

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