Dollhouse #2:The Target/Season 1 2009

Cor Azer

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So far the only character I care about is the handler, but it is not his show. Another problem is that after 2 episodes the only person's name I remember is Echo's, and that isn't even really her name.

The handler is my favorite so far. For a guy like Joss who's not big on dads in his shows, he's pretty good at building up a fatherly figure for the one or more of the other main characters.

I agree with an earlier comment that it'll be hard to really care for Echo until she really starts remembering stuff; although the strange poison was another jolt for Echo to start remembering stuff - I suspect Joss will use a few more such incidents to cause the memory flashes to persist.

I agree with you on the names though. I'm usually pretty good with names, but Echo and Sierra were the only names I remembered from the first episode, and after this one Langton, Topher, and Ballard are sticking. Still no real clue on the boss lady or her right hand goon-in-a-suit.

Also, Mark Sheppard guest star. Joss got him in again :)

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I fear this show is unintentionally what it purports to comment on and critique.
I don't think there's anything unintentional about it.

This is Joss biting the hand that feeds him, ie. it's a sleek techno-thriller w/a sexy female protagonist --the kind of show that usually puts the star in go-go boots and complex lingerie, for king and country in the pilot episode-- that brings the squicky pornographic subtext right to the surface. It's also looks like it's going to be bracingly personal as Joss explores the vulnerable warrior-woman archtype he's obsessed with in the most unflattering way possible.

So this is actually Joss biting the hand he masturbates with. While continuing to masturbate.

Note: that's not a criticism. I like the show.
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It is funny that none of the characters' names are memorable. I'm glad it's not just me. Are they just not mentioned often enough? I suspect when Joss does his DVD commentary on why the show failed, that'll be something he points out.

The computer geek is supposed to be the guy who brings the funny. He's supposed to be the Nicolas Brandon or Alan Tubyk. So far, he ain't.

The handler's a nice guy, but for all of his determination he hasn't got much presence. He still feels like a red shirt.

Then we have cop on the edge doing cliched nonsense with other agents. acting like a bunch of middle-schoolers.

And everybody else we might see is basically scum. None too interesting scum at that. Did I miss Alpha's appearance, or are they just saving the character for a special occasion--like the final episode? "Alpha" is a pretty boring name, huh?
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Fun episode. This one was actually pretty good TV. It was the equal of the average Heroes episode. Not yet as good as Chuck and can't approach Lost, but still good TV.

And from what I hear, Episode 3 was liked by the early screeners even more.


Second was much better than the first and I liked the premiere quite a bit. Looking forward to more. :cool:
The only scene you needed from the 1st was Caroline willingly signing up for the Dollhouse. Tack that onto the 2nd one and you have a much stronger series premiere. And yeah, I hope this finds an audience --where there's life, there's hope, right?-- because I'm really digging it.

It's got action, a real SF premise, and uncomfortable metafictional genre criticism. I almost feel like it was custom made for me.

I haven't quite figured out if it was a backhanded compliment or not yet. ;)
You mean my wisecrack (err, wise-crit)? It was actually meant as a forehand compliment.

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