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DMs Guild Doomed Forgotten Realms -- Fall of Vecna


My colleagues and I have spent the last year working on a level 1-20 DND 5e Adventure Path and Gazetteer based upon what we call the "Doomed Forgotten Realms". The Doomed Forgotten Realms is what we refer to as the multiverses' darkest timeline and it is a setting where all of Wizard of the Coast's official 5e adventures have ended in failure -- ie Tiamat was successfully summoned, Auril still presides over the north, the Ordning was irrevocably shattered, etc. We have Vecna as the main villain who has secretly masterminded all of this destruction.

Im posting because our third and final chapter of the adventure path, Fall of Vecna just released on the DMsguild. It takes place from levels 10 through 20 and involves first going to Ravenloft and then traveling the broken Forgotten Realms gathering allies such as Bruenor Battlehammer, Ogremoch, Jarlaxle, and Halaster for a final throw down with Vecna amidst the streets of Waterdeep.

We hope you'll consider checking it out!

Fingers crossed!

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