D&D 5E Doomed Forgotten Realms

Doomed Forgotten Realms: Sword Coast Gazetteer by authors Matthew Whitby, Scott McClintock, Marc Altfuldisch, Laura Hirsbrunner, and Robert G. Reeve just Released on the DMsGuild with an MSRP of $8.99 for the PDF.

Doomed Forgotten Realms is an alternate timeline (a sort of “D&D Presents: What If…?”) in which the BBEGs of the official D&D 5E published adventures won, uncontested by heroes of the sword coast north. From Tiamat’s floating citadel, to Auril’s frozen north, to something called the Krakalich, this document seems like it would serve as a great guide for any DM asking themselves “what do I do after this tpk?”

The gazetteer clocks in at 74 pages with beautiful art, including an alternate map of the Sword Coast North in which new lines in the sand have been drawn by the evils in power. The document also comes with 5 new subclasses and a handful of alternate background features for your player characters, all designed to tie them into this new near post apocalyptic version of the classic Ed Greenwood setting.

The gazetteer also serves as a setting guide to two adventures released by the same team, The Academy of Adventure and Rise of Vecna, both available on the DMsGuild as well.

I’m really excited about this premise. I’ve played in the forgotten realms for some time now and seeing the possibilities of a world ruled by villains makes for a sandbox where heroes are truly needed. Have you picked up a copy? Let me know what you think, I’m about to purchase my copy now.
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WotC should think about alternate timelines to become canon in the D&D multiverse, to allow more creative freedom to the fandom.
I don’t disagree. In my FR cannon, the entire spellplague is an alternate timeline event :D

I sort of feel like Eberron implies the Existance. With Xoriat housing gateways to other versions of Eberron it’s almost like every game set in it is implied to be connected at a point splitting in…998yk?

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They did this in Dragonlance in 3e, they had alternate versions where the Dragonarmies won, where the Knights of Solamnia never came about, and even where Raistlin won (you have a countdown to the end of the world).

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