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ZEITGEIST Downward planes


First Post
So.... My party fell in love with Downward at the convocation, and long story short, MAP is now MAD, with Downward replacing the Panarchists. Unfortunately, though, I looked ahead at volume 3, and there aren't any planes actually connected to Downward. If I wanted to go back and add one, what would people recommend?

At a minimum, I'd need to know what elements such a plane would have. And if I just slap it into one of the empty spots in the Gyre, like slot 46, I'd also need to know what the demiplane would look like.

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Maybe the flight plane of Baden implemented in such a way that it is less 'flight' and more 'peculiar gravity', while still technically being flight?

Andrew Moreton

Downward could either be one or many planes combined, I suspect that it will produce a really weird final world but players are crazy.
If one plane I would make it either space and time or Space and Earth and the planes trait would be "The world is an escher painting" because that is what the sample world is.
More probably the combination of two planes
Down Earth and Space. 'Gravity is towards the surface you stand on,' up to you if this means there is gravity when not touching a surface but everyone would have spider climb effectively
Escher Space and Time 'The world is an escher painting' I have no idea how this would actually build a world, but individual buidings and locations would turn into impossible loops. I supect without teleportation leaving an area would be impossible and 90% of the worlds population starves to death unless you also incorporate fourmyle then its jsut 50%

Maybe change the world is a escher painting to the world is an n-dimensional tesseract , which is what you have to map Escher painting to so they 'work' , maybe add everyone can do n-dmiensional math is a property so that people can navigate these tesseracts to navigate their strange new world.

Another alternative is that instead of defining the world as a tesseract/escher painting , the effect is strong willed people define local physics , that would also allow escher paintings and give a very strange final world. Consisting of a series of domains where the strong man defines physics and people they allow can shelter in each domain.
And Av reflecting any of these worlds would be escher on LSD

In the Gyre Down would be a stange place with walls at odd angles and lots of creatures sneaking along them , no birds though. Escher would be an escher painting and totally weird

I had previously thought that adding Thrag to the mix was the most insane combination possible, your players have mine beaten, I am not trying to be negative just explore the weirdness of the world , but it looks negative to me so I apologise if my suggestions are not helpful


Here's an idea:

Earth & Space
The world is four-dimensional.

The very fabric of space folds inwards upon itself in Tesseractia, creating a 4th-dimensional axis, in addition to length, width, and height. This new axis, referred to simply as 'depth', is difficult for rational beings to navigate. (However, more intuitive beings, such as insects and lower-order animals, seem to have no trouble maneuvering across depth.) A flight of stairs may appear to go upwards, but at depth, a very similar flight of stairs goes downward. The human mind, unable to grasp the different sets of stairs, intuitively shifts to the depth that is easiest for them, in this case: the one going downwards. Likewise, a river system may have many branches and loops when viewed from a complete 4-dimensional perspective. However, the human mind cannot grasp this concept, and instinctively finds itself maneuvering into whichever branch flows in the direction they intend to go.
This effect does not extend more than a mile or so into the atmosphere. For airships that descend towards the surface, transitioning from 3D space to 4D space offers no problems: there's simply more space to fly in. However, to depart Tesseractia, the airship must ascend out of 4D space into 3D space, which can be a very rough transition, and requires expert piloting skills to hold the ship together.

Anyway, just something off the cuff. Combine that with other Ob planets, and have their combined effect "net out" to the Downward proposal. But if the PCs want to tease apart a component, here's an interesting bit.