D&D 5E Dragon Talk with James Wyatt about Glory of the Giants.

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Yeah, giant ticks have been around for a long time, although I think they're probably too icky for most games. (Slimes and undead are one thing, but ticks are the worst.)
Yeah, a tick the size of a dog is pretty icky, but that's what makes giant creepy crawlies so effective at creating a vibe.


Ok, listened to Emi's interview, a few more tidbits:

  • Ettin Ceramorph, that has two Mindflayer tadpoles, one in each head
  • Giant Dinosaurs, like way bigger than regular Dinosaurs, which can serve as mounts for Giants
  • Bag Jelly, an Ooze that lives in the bottom of Giant's bags, eating Giant lint and refuse
  • Scion of Memnor, which has a favorite art piece of hers, a tremendous ethereal Cloud being framing an Airship
  • Tons of random tables, for Giant behaviors, bag contents
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