Dragonlance Dragonlance Musical?

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Sometimes I miss them, the franchise and characters. I know the cartoon movie was a failure, but they shouldn't be forgotten. I hope they return as a videogame (with a look like a Disney CGI movie?) or teleserie (books are too long to be adapted into 90 minutes movies).

I wonder about if parallele worlds were canon in D&D, allowing fandom to create their own alternate timelines. Other times I imagine the heroes of the lance as "demigods", something like the vestiges who allow pact magic.


The High Aldwin
Is that legit? I'm surprised they got a license for using DL stuff...
Well, not meaning to be offensive to anyone (apologies if it is), but I've lived in Eastern Europe for a while and bootleg everything is very common, even in stores and not just street vendors. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't even bother to get it licensed, but they certainly might have.

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