Dragonmarked Races/Ravinica Backgrounds and Redundancy

Todd Roybark

I am curious how others handle the Ravinica Backgrounds/ Eberron races that add spells to a characters spell list, when those spells are already on the characters spell list?

Many of the Dragonmarked houses in Eberron have spell list additions that consist primarily from one class’ spell list....thus a Mark of Warding has many redundant spells being added to the Wizard, likewise a Mark of Healing is mostly redundant for a cleric.

Divine Casters and the best Half-Caster in the game, the Paladin gain the most from the design of these features.

A house rule allowing Wizards to automatically add spells already on their spell lists to their spellbooks at the indicated levels does not seem overly powerful. Bards,Sorcerers, and Warlocks are a trickier issue. Allowing the character to Know all the spells in question, w/o the spells counting against their Spells Known allotment seems the fairest solution.

This same issue arose in some 3e Prestige Classes, and I am honestly surprised a more elegant design was not devised for 5e.

Frankly, time might be right to slay the sacred bovine of the Divine Caster getting access to their entire spell list.

Personally, I feel it is long overdue. Spells Known for everyone, except the Wizard!