Kickstarter Dreampunk: a surreal card-based TTRPG


First Post
My new ttrpg, Dreampunk, just launched on Kickstarter! It's about struggling with an uncanny dreamworld, and it's played with surreal art cards rather than dice.

Your character is a Dreamer, someone from a waking world who is drawn to the Dream when they sleep. As a Dreamer, you have powerful abilities to shape the world around you. To do so, you must play a card and incorporate into your action an element of your choice from the card. Each playbook is defined by the Needs that have entangled them with the Dream. Will you attain your Needs and grow thereby? Or will you fall to Entanglement and remain trapped in the Dream forever?

Dreampunk can be played with or without a dedicated Guide. Either way, Dreampunk uses the cards to encourage an improvisational style for inspiring challenges and obstacles.

Check it out!

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