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Dreams & Machines Is Modiphius' New Age of Roleplaying

A world in ruins after a war with the machines

Screen Shot 2023-04-25 at 8.44.09 PM.png

Modiphius has announced a new roleplaying game world, a 'far flung outpost of humanity' once dominated by mechs and future tech, now in ruins after a war with the machines. Ths new world is arriving on August 3rd this year, the first day of Gen Con. There's not much information available yet, but you can see some more art and sign up to the mailing list at the official website.

Dreams and Machines is a world cut off from earth. a far flung outpost of humanity, where mechs and futuristic tech dominated society.

The world is in ruins after a war with the machines. now, mechs lay dormant but when they activate, these ‘wakers’ bring destruction.

Factions like the archivists and dreamers are rebuilding the world in their own way. growing and trading what they can with other everan communities.

The shadowy spectre of the dark city skulks around and the malevolent corrupted ai known as ‘the builder’ is plotting against humanity.


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Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Cool art, cool premise, although it’s unclear if it’s a new game, or a new setting for an existing game? Also… could the ultimate irony in a game about the era after a war with the machines be that the premise was written by AI?

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
Now I'll have to find a review of the base system. I don't need another setting, but you never know.
Oh, I re-read your post just before hitting send. Well, anyway, here's a Preview of the system.

Not sure about reviews. I guess it would depend on whether you trusted the reviewer's opinion or not...

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