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DMs Guild Dreams, Nightmares, and Half-Remembered Meetings

There’s always more wonder to be found, even if you think you’ve seen everything; in new, twisted monsters that disquiet and dismay; in comforting items and experiences to take the edge off and make you smile, and in confusing encounters with chaotic beings that beguile and bewilder. All this and more awaits…

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Dreams, Nightmares, and Half-Remembered Meetings is a combination of encounters, monsters, items, and situations for players who have ‘seen everything’ and DMs who want to throw their groups a curveball. This supplement gives players and DMs alike a new challenge; a set of tools for unique encounters and ideas for plot hooks based around sleep, dreams – and of course, nightmares.

This 69-page supplement features:

  • 20 new Scents, smells, fogs, and perfumes that work like standard potions but are usually applied like a musk or cologne.
  • 20 new Dreaming Treasures like the Protective Tent, Bedroll of Lucky Escapes, Clockwork Cockerel, and the Staff of Dreaming Druids, all revolving around long rests and sleep.
  • 16 Syndromes like The Dreaming Eyes, Juiblex’s Drip, and Page’s Hording Blight; long-term afflictions that give DMs plot hooks for campaigns or one-shot adventures and can have deadly results if not cured quickly…
  • 13 Nightmarish Trinkets to plague the party or curse them with a bad night's rest, such as the Dust of Nightmares, Midnight’s Feast, and the Scent of Spiders.
  • 13 Nightmarish Creatures that attack in new and horrific ways, such as the Skinless Flesh Doll, The Lost Toys, and the Bone Leech.
  • 12 Half-Remembered Meetings with new chaotic (in every sense of the word) Jesters, whose appearances can signal bounteous rewards or cursed disaster – sometimes in equal measure.

A unique new project from Black Cats Gaming’s James Barry, Sam Webb, and Susanah Grace, that will delight or horrify, but always surprise, in their first supplement on DM’s Guild!

The supplement is a toolbox of fun ideas for DMs and players alike, with interconnecting elements, rewards, and detriments that will bring tonnes of flavor to your games.

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