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DriveThruRPG.com to release 3.5 edition Dungeons & Dragons titles in eBook format


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Good for them. White Wolf doing it probably encouraged a lot of people but this is fundimentally good for the hobby.

The price is their business (litterally). Unless people stop buying tabletop books (and there are no FLGSs anymore) don’t expect them to undercut the print market.

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Graf said:
The price is their business (litterally). Unless people stop buying tabletop books (and there are no FLGSs anymore) don’t expect them to undercut the print market.
Of course it's their business, literally.

However, those prices have (literally) prevented a number of sales already. And it's only just been announced, basically.

Those are not sales that would've undercut anything. Nope, just sales. So they have *lost* money, already, by virtue of pricing their PDFs at a ridiculous level.

Someone at WotC has absolutely no idea what they are doing. Perhaps they could indeed take a look at any market they're trying to get into, before um.. getting into it. Just an idea.


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Graf said:
Good The price is their business (litterally). Unless people stop buying tabletop books (and there are no FLGSs anymore) don’t expect them to undercut the print market.
How would say a 25% price cut undercut the print market when Amazon already gives %37 off and buy.com gives about 43% off. Yeah, the fact that they have full price makes a lot on sense.


sckeener said:
What does annoy me about drivethrurpg's offer of wotc books is the pdfs are still DRM. I can't stand DRM. I'd rather have watermarked.
That's a show stopper for me as well.

I refuse to buy any DRM stuff from DTR. I have no problems with watermarking, however. Once Necromancer products went to watermarked, I bought about $150 worth of stuff, so I have put my money where my mouth is.


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Nellisir said:
The price is less offputting to me than DRM. I'd consider buying a pdf version of the Spell Compendium at full (print) price just for the cut-n-paste ability, but not with DRM. So, no sale.

I'm not sure about all the PDFs, but I know that Fiend Folio does not allow copy&paste. It is very annoying.


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Cyberhawk said:
This would be a great idea for those books I was on the fence over (such as Heroes of Horror).

I that from your phrasing that you were on the fence and finally decided to get Heroes of Horror. It really is a great book. I highly recommend it in either PDF or hard copy.


TheAuldGrump said:
Stupidly bad pricing + DRM = NO SALE

Same thing here. The pricing has to be maybe 50% of print retail and the book very useful for me to buy, but with DRM I'd even stay away then.

I love having stuff in print and pdf, so I'm the perfect customer for this. But I'll spend my money elsewhere until the WOTC pdf policies change.


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I think this is a fantastic idea, well done to WoTC and Scott Rouse. Outstanding and perfect timing as we are about to put a PDF capability into RPGXplorer.

It seems like we're moving in the right direction now, I thought it was beyond fantastic that I could download PDF's for the Age Of Worms campaign from Paizo, but if I can have the Forgotten Realms books on my laptop as well I will just be in hog heaven.

p.s. Don't forget to include hi-res scans of the map inserts! :)


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Man-thing said:
I prefer my game books in PDF format and while they are at full american cover price they are technical on sale as Canadian as my credit uses a better exchange rate.

At book stores and my FLGS, WOTC books are sold at RSRP and in Canada that is a 30% exchange rate.

Complete Psionic was $29.95 US but sold at the MSRP for Canada which was $42.00.
Even though our dollar is hovering at .90 US. It should have been about $35.
At DTRPG, I will save $7 and pay no taxes.
Holy crap, man - what book stores are ripping you off?

Around here, at book stores we're only paying a premium of $3 over the U.S. cover price for d20 books (ie. US$29.95, so the books have been priced at $32.95 Cdn - and it's not really a "premium" because we're actually getting it slightly cheaper than Americans in $US. Yay virtual exchange rate!). The book stores have (mostly) been ignoring the printed MSRP on all types of books (which is a complete crock, anyways). There was an interesting article printed about this very issue just a couple of days ago in the local paper...


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My FLGS is good for all d20 products. Very far about the exchange and good for preordering.

The however have a terrible deal with distributors for WOTC books, and get gouged by the distribution cycle and need to pass the damage on.

Coincidentally, most of my print product buying goes to Green Ronin and Mongoose.


About damn time too. I got a lot of 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

There are many 3rd I never played outside Eberron, do this is d good time to get those when DriveThruRPG does the next sale, maybe Christmas.



You too, please check when the thread was posted! The post you're replying to is 15 years old, WotC has had digital versions of the 3.5e books available since forever ago.
Till today, not all those 3e books have print-on-demand. I just checked and posted a link that Heroes of Horror still lacks that, over a decade on. And the after market prices on that book are crazy high.

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