Kickstarter Drop In Boss Battles and Encounters, A 5e Supplement with 20 Unique Fights for levels 1-20, Releasing January 9


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Drop In Boss Battles and Encounters is a 5e supplement with 20 unique boss fights and encounters for levels 1-20. Stat blocks, mechanics, maps, and item rewards galore!

Elevate your encounters and reduce prep time! This 144 page book contains interactable terrain, multiple phase bosses, objectives, and special rules to create memorable fights. Reward your players for using creativity, smart positioning, and team tactics. Hook suggestions make these fights easy to drop into any existing campaign, one shot, or session!

Level 1-4 Boss Battles​

A Warrior's Death - Help your players learn basic mechanics while giving this knight an honorable death. Magic reward: Breastplate of Honor

Goblins at the Gates - Set up your defenses and defend against this horde of goblins, utilizing cover, crowd control, and breaking enemy concentration to win the day. Magic reward: Club of Mind Goblin (lol).

Rats... in a Basement! - A classic fight… with a twist! Magic reward: Pet Draconic Rat.

Ooze Devourer Lab - The party wakes up tied to experimentation tables, with an Ooze after their brains… they should be fine, right?

Mimic Storefront - A stakeout in a bird store takes a twist! What’s real? What’s not? It will take more than combat prowess to find out. Magic reward: Summonable Cockatiel.

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Level 5-10 Boss Battles​


Spell and Sword - Two half-dragon twins encounter the party on a small bridge. Something divine links them together, making them stronger than the sum of their parts. Solve the link to defeat them! Magic rewards: Draconic Scimitar and Draconic Pendant of Power

Rust Monster Rider - The party encounters a Duergar riding a Mutated Rust Monster, doing nefarious deeds at night! Use the open graves and other terrain to avoid their devastating charge attacks! Magic reward: Exotic Saddle

The Hag's Summit - The party has found the culprit behind the region's freezing temperatures and must battle a hag on a perilous mountain top. Don’t fall! Magic reward: The Icy Hand

Something Strange - This house is haunted - navigate its dangers and defeat the paranormal entity(ies) before it is too late! Magic reward: Ghostly Rod of Rulership.

Giant in the Water - The party must engage a Storm Giant while he is waist deep in the ocean before he reaches land. Dodge his electrical attacks and lair actions using water walking and limited land to defeat him! Magic reward: The Lightning Shell

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Level 11-16 Boss Battles​


The Elemental Tempest - Four elementals vie for supremacy in a ritual gone wrong. Control which Elemental is the Tempest to change the battlefield and gain the buffs you want! Magic reward: Unstable Planar Shard

Megalodon Boat Attack - The party’s journey by boat is met with an unwelcome visitor. Utilize the boat’s mechanics or your own abilities to stop a fearsome Megalodon from sinking the ship in a crazy DPS race!

The Rising Tide - A nefarious group of Sahuagin have taken important members of the town's Admiralty hostage. Act fast to save them, or the coast is doomed! Magic reward: Reaper of the Tides (Trident).

Summoning the Beyond - A Gnoll Necromancer has unlocked supreme power. Stop his ritual before his summon completes, and the Dracolich comes to life! Magic reward: The Deathly Ring of Power.

Night Out Assassins: Gala Ambush - Red Wedding your players. They deserve it! Magic reward: Assassin's Blade.

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Level 17-20 Boss Battles​


This is where the real spice begins!

Rampage of the Machines- Defend a town using their lair actions to help you bring down a Mechanical Hydra before it destroys everything! Magic reward: The Clockwork Heart.

The Profane Sacrifice - A demon is ascending to near godhood through a profane ritual. Stop the ritual by any means necessary before he becomes too powerful and kills reality itself! Magic reward: Sword of the Demon King Aspirant

They Have Awakened - A Titan older than the world itself has been unchained. It cannot be killed - only anchored back into its prison. Use the city's defenders in this epic, larger-than-life battle to plant the anchors and drag him back where he came from!

A Wizard's Revenge: An evil wizard has created a power-rangers-esque giant golem and is terrorizing the countryside. Infiltrate the golem and defeat this epic-level caster before it is too late! Magic rewards: Used Robe of the Archmagi, Ioun Stone of Mastery, Used Staff of the Magi.

The Dance of the Divine (any level) - We saved the best for last... Hee hee! The King of Pop is back… with a vengeance! Use smart tactics and slick dance moves to become the new Lord of the Dance in this thriller of a fight. Magic reward: The Golden Slippers. This fight has been scaled for all levels!

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A Map for Every Battle​


Each fight comes with a map specifically designed for the battle's mechanics. These will be each offered as a separate download within your DriveThruRPG library for easy VTT use and so that you can use them for other encounters or campaigns as needed!

57 Stat Blocks of Dangerous Enemies​


Fight massive titans, demon lord ascendants, mechanical hydras, megalodons... the list goes on and on! The more complicated battles include tips and tricks for getting the most out of the stat blocks to help you different combos to surprise your players!

Unique Mechanics​


Without spoiling too much, some battles involve escaping from tables before being able to fight, using harpoon guns and teamwork to load, aim, and shoot, abusing cover rules against enemy ranged attacks, defeating bosses in a certain order to trigger special effects, fighting possessed objects, avoiding knockback abilities by using terrain, defeating pieces of a boss to debuff him as a whole, dealing with hostage-killing devices, destroying lair objects to debuff an enemy, using player-given lair actions to stop giants, and even a dance battle!

Mechanics are explained thoroughly so that the DM can easily convey them to the party in character. We do not keep the obvious to ourselves, and we may repeat ourselves, but by doing so we want everyone to have fun!

20 Magic Item Rewards​


Most battles include one or more magic items that are thematic to the encounter and create memories associated with the battle. For example, a draconic rat companion can join you after completing Rats... In a Basement! And we know players love npc companions! Other items include thematic weapons, armor, and magic devices that can positively affect your campaign going forward.

Follow along here to get notified on launch! hope you guys will check it out!

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