D&D 5E Druid, Circle of Life


Heretic of The Seventh Circle
That's circle of life in the Lion King sense.

I have a friend who wants to make plant zombies, basically. She wants to be a necrobiologist bog witch.

Witherbloom feat helps a little, and she has tried Grave Cleric, Necro Wizard, and Spores Druid, and none of them did The Thing.

So I sat down and looked at the Circle of Spores, and thought about what it was missing, and i think I've got it.


  • Halo of Spores requires no action, but still requires a save, and damage remains the same.
  • Symbiotic Entity
    • allows you to bestow the benefit to a creature you touch that is undead, beast, or fey
    • can be used for free proficiency bonus per long rest, you can regain 1 use by spending a wild shape use
    • you can cast spells where the effect originates or is centered on the caster, through your symbiotic entity
  • A new creature stat block that is both plant and zombie, to replace the MM zombie, while staying in the same CR, so that you can turn a dead creature into a plant zombie and then symbiote them. I've considered changing this to just summoning a creature from the earth rather than requiring finding a corpse.
These changes make it so that you can summon a beast or fey, and then make them your symbiotic entity, or later you can summon a plant zombie to serve this purpose without using your concentration.

I am concerned about the action economy, here. Too much of it requires your action. Perhaps I'll just drop halo of spores and have symbiotic entity take a bonus action? A little more focused, that way, too.

I also am considering being able to at high level use SE as a reaction to taking damage, or perhaps gaining the ability to have it up on yourself and 1 other creature, paying the cost as normal but activating both as one action. Might even be worthwhile to consider spending a spell slot to target several creatures, scaling with spell slot level? The later level stuff isn't really important to pulling off the concept, IMO, so there is room to change stuff at, say, level 14.

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