DMs Guild Duckslayer Games Releases - Multiclass Feats: Alchemist, Armorer, and Artillerist!

Hello everyone!

I have just released a new supplement, the start of a new series of additions for D&D: Multiclass Feats!

This supplement is built to integrate every other class in D&D (and several subclasses) with the Alchemist sub-class of Artificer.

Check it out over on DMs Guild:


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In the interests of not spamming threads, here's the latest release from Duckslayer Games; the Armorer Multiclass Feats!

Multiclass Feats - Armorer (Dms Guild)

If you're wanting to use your Thunder Gauntlets to their full potential whilst Raging, or wishing you could build Arcane Armour for your beast companion, or simply wanting to use your Arcan Armour whilst Wildshaped, then these are the feats for you!

31 Feats, linking the Armorer subclass of Artificer with every other class, and several subclasses, to properly combine your abilities!

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Hey everyone,

There are now 3 Multiclass Feat documents from Duckslayer Games up on DMs Guild, with a total of 107 feats to combine these three subclasses of Artificer with almost every other subclass in the game, for new and unique combinations!

The most recent is the Artillerist, which represents a change in that I am now drawing my own art, rather than using AI! So the art's a little less professional, but it was made by a human!

56 feats in this one, including the Ragecannon, Mounted Cannon, Conduits and Shrine for Paladin and Cleric abilities, and an Arcane Cannon to allow your sorcerer to use metamagic on the cannon!
Artillerist Cover.JPG

Multiclass Feats - Artillerist - Dungeon Masters Guild | Dungeon Masters Guild

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