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Trailer Dune: Part Two Exclusive Extended Sneak Preview (2024)


Dune Part I (theatre and streaming release)
  • Budget $165 million
  • Opening Weekend: $78.9 million
  • Total Box Office: $434.8 million

Dune Part II (theatre only release)
  • Budget $190 million
  • Opening Weekend: $182.5 million
  • Total Box Office: TBA

Twice as big and then sone. I was thinking 600-800 million. Looks like it might beat that.

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I enjoyed it, BUT...

don't know if this counts as a spoiler or not, but will spoiler tag it...

"The actual book has a definate ending. They strayed from that ending so they could end the movie on a cliff-hanger. Not so sure how I feel about that."

I think the 84 movie was more true to the feel of the book. The 2000 Sci-Fi series was more accurate to the book and book series. This movie series thus far takes a comfortable medium between the two.


Saw Dune Part 2 yesterday. I enjoyed it more than the first one, which I found to be too slow and boring.

The sandworms were suitably epic. The explosions were suitably big. The laser beams were suitably cool. The Harkonnens were suitably disturbing, as was the Fremens’ harvesting of water from dead bodies. Zendaya’s scowls were suitably intense. And so on.

I'm aware there were some deviations from the book. I'm not one to get too hung up on that sort of thing ... there are always changes from one medium to the next. However, I will admit to being a little disappointed that we didn't get a new take on this scene:

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Another big win for dune fans! In general I was very happy with the movie. One thing that’s great js that the movie doesn’t dumb itself down but expects its audience to keep up.

Take for example the fact that the freemen in that first raid do not use lasers until the shielded ornithopter is taken out. This because shields and lasers mixing is really really bad.

That said the one thing they needed to explain was how lasers and shields interact to create huge nuclear explosions. That is a big part of why you don’t just see lasers everywhere all the time and it’s never touched on in either movie…so new arrivals to the dune universe might not understand that


@Stalker0 yeah there are a lot of things these movies don’t explain.

I just appreciated that they used actual lasers and not pew pew energy blasts like in Star Wars.

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