DDAL Dungeon Craft now open for Planescape and Farun excluding the Moonshaes and Borderkingdoms.


It looks like the new guide posted does not require one to use the adventure seeds unless you are writing for Spelljammer. For the Realms it just says this below. The guide also has some d12 tables you can role on for magic items to give out.


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Er purely a curiosity question, but why are the Moonshaes, of all places, specifically excluded?

I presume the Border Kingdoms are excluded on the grounds of being nice to Monte Cook.


They are excluded because Baldman Games and Gameholecon have been given exclusive access to them.
I always found that odd.
"CCCs must take place in the Moonsea region! Except we're giving these two cons an exception because reasons! If you're a con that wants their own region kiss our butts enough prove to us you deserve it and maybe you'll get one!" and then they did nothing with that ever again.

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