Level Up (A5E) Dungeon Delver’s Guide: Random Dungeon Delves

In the Dungeon Delver’s Guide (coming to Kickstarter on August 30th) there is a large section which contains tables for randomly generating dungeons! The book contains 8 dungeon types - bastion, cavern, laboratory, mine, ruin, sewer, temple, and tomb - and each has its own set of tables. Here’s a quick look at the first of them — the bastion!

You can use each of these generators to produce a dungeon map of rooms and passages, populated with novelties, obstacles, discoveries, and specific room details, as well as level-appropriate combat and noncombat encounters and treasure.

These generators are intended to inspire you: once they’ve done so, feel free to follow your inspiration and not the printed instructions! You might use a generator only to help you create a random map and ignore the rest. Conversely, if you already have a map you want to use, you can skip the map generation process, instead rolling on the Passage Contents and Room and Chamber Contents tables for each dungeon location. Or you can browse through the entries, cherry-picking your favorites to add the finishing touches to a dungeon of your own creation.


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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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