Dungeon subscriptions in Europe


I would like to subscribe to Dungeon, but from what I've heard earlier here, and other places, I've gathered that it hasn't really worked if you're living in Europe.

Has this changed? Do european subscribers recieve their magazines in time?
Or is it still not worth subscribing if you live in europe?

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First Post
Happy UK subscriber

I'm in the UK, and I subscribe to both Dragon and Dungeon. My previous subscriptions were through http://www.theplaceforgames.com/paizo.asp and my current subs were ordered directly through the Paizo web site. I believe they're all sent out by the same process - the magazines I receive now are posted in the UK (Oxford postmark - this is where ThePlaceForGames' is located).

In approx 18 months, I have not had any problems with late/missed issues - for an example of timescale, I received Dragon 335 this morning.

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