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Maps I've drawn. Enjoy.


Solwey was a half-elf prince whose tomb was built long ago. He was a conqueror and a ruthless warlord who amassed great wealth in his life. He wanted to become a Lich to live forever, but the spells failed. The tomb is said to be enchanted with wards of protection to thwart any would be tomb robbers.

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Are you the artist creating these maps TDenmark? Are they from an upcoming project? Or maybe a blog website?

Also, I'm a sucker for riddles and puzzles, so the second one intrigues me the most.


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Other than the puzzle one, I like that these all have loops and interconnections such that there's (mostly) no way to predict the order in which a party will reach each location.

The only thing I'd want to add would be - assuming these are each one level in a bigger dungeon - more vertical connections, i.e. ways of getting from or to different levels other than the single staircases shown.

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