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Just funded!

I know there has been a small burst of Map Creation software in Kickstarter lately. This one looks good BUT what really gets me is the Immersive ambient sound feature, which is a stretch goal!

I have never seen this in a Map Creation software before and really sounds wicked (pun intended).

I am not a fan of subscriptions for my RPG gaming but this KS has a fair Life time, one time fee but it's limited.



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First Stretch goal hit! 100 new props, 10 new ground textures , 10 new floor textures and 10 new wall textures

Next stretch goal is the dynamically generated soundscapes. Sound environments based on props & textures for each room. They are managed through the GM-notes feature.

Per latest comment from the KS owner, may get more Platin level pledges added for the One time subscription fee. Check it out!


Thanks BrockBallingdark for spreading the word - you are awesome!

Here's a quick update on the campaign:
- We've reached our first three stretch goals, so there's going to be about 400props and 80 textures in 4 different game settings.
- We're close to hitting the soundscape stretch goal (yay!)
- We've teamed up with BITGEM 3D for awesome hand drawn textures
- We've teamed up with Pegasus Spiele for some cool map contests
- We've teamed up with Incompetech for awseome ingame music

Tomorrow we're going to release our playtest video on Youtube and Kickstarter, so you can see how DUNGEONFOG works in a game session.

Have a great day and keep the dice rolling!


Today we finished our campaign and thanks to your support it was a huge success. In the end we were able to reach not only the base funding, but all stretch goals. We are incredible grateful for your support, your feedback and your warm welcome in the community. Thank you!

The fact that its a subscription service ruins the whole concept for me. Why do I need a subscription for a DM note/map taking tool? It's a shame, I would have gone all in except for that fact.

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