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Dungeons and Dragons 2 screener leaked


I saw the preview at Gen Con... Not the whole movie of course, but enough to get a rough idea. I don't hang out on P2P networks anymore, so i will wait patiently for the actual release... :D


Psionicist said:
110 views and no comments at all? :) And I who thought I had the greatest scoop here.
But many expect it to be a great big scoop of feces. :] And others think it should be leaked on.


After the tremendous stinker that was the first D&D movie, I have a hard time getting excited about the straight to DVD sequel.

No offense, Psionicist, just my opinion on the matter.


Fast Learner

It is, in my opinion, better than the first by a fair margin.

They still got some stuff wrong in D&D terms, but it was much closer to actual D&D and it had much more of a real D&D adventure feeling to it.


I'll wait on the off-chance that we Italians get a theatrical release. I like seeing stuff on the big screen. Then I'll get an English copy somehow. I want to see them both and compare. The first movie was markedly improved by the dubbing process (esp. Jeremy Irons; apparently the dubbers couldn't bring themselves to overact that much). :cool:

Fast Learner

One of the great things -- something that makes it more like a real D&D adventure -- is they don't screw around putting the party together. "Let's see, we need a couple of fighters, a mage, a cleric, and a rogue. Check, check, check, check. Let's go!" All in one scene. :)

Viking Bastard

I liked it.

I mean, it's not great or anything, but it really makes me think how fun a well made,
albeit low budget, D&D TV series could be.

A few thoughts, though:
- Didn't the Dragon Specters survive the first movie? Y'know, as a evil Dragolich God
descends on your city, now would be a pretty neat time to use 'em. Since they're
going with the first movie's continuity an' all.

- Now, since Izhmar surrendered it's Magocracy to the rule of the people 100 years
ago, it really has gone down hill. Maybe the Mages had the right idea after all.

- Hahah. The Lich betraying Damodar was great. He just seemed bored, getting involved
for the heck out of it. That's what centuries of undeath will get you. Boredom.

- For the ÜberHenchman he was in the first, Damodar seemed kinda wimpy here. No
battling at all. Of course, in the first he was just against a bunch of wimpy thieves,
no Lord Minister and gang. Maybe he was just a big puss making big noises with his
purple lipstick and necksnaketentacles.

- Is it me, or was the whole adventuring party just kinda copied from the 3e PHB's
illustrations, right down to the tattoos?

- Damodar was just thrown in jail? Guess who's the baddy in D&D 3, then.

- I liked the Rogue. He was fun.

- The girl playing the Lord Minister's wife was awful. Cute, though.

- The Elf had what, three lines?

Next movie, can we please get a Beholder? There's nothing that says D&D to me like a
Beholder. Beauty in the eye of... and all that.

Fast Learner

I also enjoyed
the lich's betrayal, not due to some nefarious plan on his own, but more because evil guys don't necessarily support evil guys just because they're evil.
And mad props to
Nimmt, the rogue -- VERY much the way many players play rogues.

But a big "boooooo" to the first female mage saying
that no one wielded divine magic in the city, and then having this huge temple to Obad-Hai where all kinds of divine magic is taking place
. What was the point of that?

Viking Bastard

Fast Learner said:
But a big "boooooo" to the first female mage saying
that no one wielded divine magic in the city, and then having this huge temple to Obad-Hai where all kinds of divine magic is taking place
. What was the point of that?
That puzzled me a bit as well.


Why didn't she just go over and ask?